Aston Martin AM-RB 001 hypercar revealed – exclusive pictures

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Source : Aston Martin AM-RB 001 hypercar revealed – exclusive pictures

Aston and also also also Red Bull AM-RB 001 radical V12 engines, “an F1 car for the road” Aston and also also also Red Bull promises to set completely new standards of performance cars on the roads . the item can be the first road car F1 designer Adrian Niue in


of which can be Aston Martin AM-RB 001, and also also also hypercar was built in collaboration with the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing team, which can be the fastest and also also also most Aston progress after and also also also the first road car to be created by F1 designer foremost, Adrian Niue.

Autocar granted exclusive access to of which style full-size wheelchair AM-RB 001 before the official disclosure in Gaydon Aston headquarters on July 5. and also also also the item will build a total of 99 cars on the roads, as well as 24 car track. On track specifications, the AM-RB 001, and also also also maintains the Aston coach Andy Palmer, be able to Silverstone lapping at the same pace through the F1 car in race trim.

of which partnership has led Red Bull’s head of employee technical Niue and also also also Aston Marek Reichman (design director) and also also also David King (Special Operations Commander). Each element on the automobile detailed and also also also advanced materials used throughout. “the item’s a completely uncompromised,” said Palmer.

[19459007Advanced] aerodynamics

effect of Niue can be more pronounced on the sleek car, which can be shrink-wrapped to the side bottom of the driver’s compartment at the front and also also also inside rear engine compartment. Front and also also also rear diffusers provide lower air channel for aerodynamics “ground effect.”

, chief designer of the Aston Martin Miles NÜRNBERGER described as “catamaran with wheels, not the automobile.” He added: “We showed a smaller number of potential customers, and also also also everything I’ve said,” Where do my feet go? “Even shrink-wrapped and also also also, and also also also on top of surfaces, can be tucked everything down to the Centeng so tightly.”

can be likely to be about 1900mm wide and also also also less than a meter in length, and also also also the final production cars. the item can be likely to grow a little bit, and also also also can be characterized by some modifications to the style to still being honed technical package for the automobile final.

race cars driving position

seats hypercar depends on reclined, the leadership position of the feet up on the basis of an F1 car on to. Further enhance the aerodynamics can be the absence of the door mirrors. and also also also AM-RB 001 and also also also instead of using a rear facing cameras of which project the image on the screen on the dashboard.

still considered dihedral doors, Aston Martin and also also also Red Bull opted for the gullwing doors to make entry to the cabin easy as possible. “You stand inside car and also also also drop yourself down inside item.,” Said NÜRNBERGER.

performance F1

breeches of the cabin, the automobile incorporates a “steering wheel comes through the aid of which F1 planning” for cooling them, the engine and also also also transmission systems. A “high-revving, high-capacity” V12 provides strength. and also also also, the portable unit on the middle of the naturally aspirated detailed, bearing nothing to do with the twin turbo 5.2-liter V12 used inside completely new DB11. Aston can be silent on the exact energy output, saying only of which the item aims for a ratio of 1: 1 power-to-weight. the item can be supposed to help keep the automobile’s weight can be less than one ton, which means production in 900bhp structure of carbon fiber region lightweight.

There can be also an energy recovery system inspired by the F1 (ERS) to harvest kinetic energy through braking. Aston will not say if increased production of V12 will be used with of which energy. Interestingly, the company said the automobile has no reverse gear, so the reverse can be done through the power harvested in ERS.

road against the track

there will be some minor visual differences between the road and also also also track cars, using a copy track a wider front wings, Aerofoil largest tire and also also also battery back bigger.

under the skin, and also also also there will be some thinking going on inside more significant modifications in movement and also also also gear system carbon copy suspension of the track. The driver of the automobile have a ways to convert, including extreme track mode, with the suspension can be reduced.

and also also also AM-RB 001 incorporates a smaller, adjustable, two rear spoiler plane. “The rear wing will be an active element, however the item genuinely does not do much. All you are doing can be to control the air through the top surfaces of the vehicle, said Palmer.” “With Aerofoil battery your back, you want to cut laminar flow and also also also then you want to cut the item as soon as possible so you do not create the clouds. So I wanted to as far back as you can get the automobile within the limits of the regulations,”

and also also also the engine exhaust exits through the center of the rear bodywork and also also also airstrikes on the rear wing – the extrapolation of the idea of ​​’exhaust blown publisher “who pioneered by Niue in F1 a few years ago.” inside final car, and also also also the exhaust can be going to further move a little bit back inside pack to have a significant impact on the rear wing, “said Palmer.

Aston promising of which the AM-RB 001 feel the future will be extended to the Indoor, which will show later, when he will also reveal details about the powertrain.

due 2018

will the first style begins testing inside middle of next year. and also also also will be sharing the task of engineering AM-RB 001 between Q Aston Martin Advanced (company division of special projects) and also also also Red Bull Advanced technologies, with production taking place in Gaydon.

and also also also AM-RB 001 through scheduled to arrive to their owners in 2018. Palmer revealed of which “more than 300 expressions of interest” had been received for the automobile after the show for a select group of potential customers in Monaco in may.

cost of the automobile can be placed inside “2 -3, 000, £ 000 “and also also also invited to buy one can be supposed to put a deposit of £ 500K. will be Aston fans who have already bought the limited edition car like Vulcan or 77 and also also also one to get a place the substance on the list wait. Half a dozen people are keen to buy both options the road and also also also the track.

“, to determine who will be considered for the automobile relatively completely new headache for us,” said Palmer. “With credited GT12 and also also also GT8 , defeat Zagato and also also also of which, I do not think the item was Aston ever in of which case where the call customers to buy. the item’s a problem nice and also also also bodes well for DB11 , which can be also heavily oversubscribed. ”

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Source: Aston Martin AM-RB 001 hypercar revealed – exclusive pictures

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