Arrinera Hussarya GT debuts at Autosport International

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Source : Arrinera Hussarya GT debuts at Autosport International

Arrinera Hussarya Autosport International The first Polish supercar revealed at Autosport show, roadgoing counterpart due late 2016


Polish carmaker Arrinera has revealed the Hussarya GT at Autosport International, designed to compete in GT4 races in Great Britain as well as Europe.

Only two to three examples of the 430bhp GT4 racer will be produced within the next year, although a “largely similar” road-going type to homologate the Hussarya GT is actually due by the end of 2016. A very exclusive, higher-end design, badged Hussarya 33 is actually also slated for future production.

A projected top speed of 250-260kph (155-162mph) was quoted by Greg Pękala, CEO of Arrinera Racing, having a power output of 430bhp falling within the GT4 class rules.

Pękala revealed a cost of £130-140,000 for the Hussarya, although the design hasn’t yet undergone testing. Pękala plans to test the auto inside the UK, although at This kind of early stage he is actually unsure of availability or suitability of a testing location.

the auto was shown at Autosport International to attract interest by prospective clients, as well as Pękala claims public reaction to the Arrinera Hussarya GT was encouraging. “This kind of’s been a Great reaction, although the auto still needs to be proven on track to get the publicity we need,” he said.

Pękala also stressed in which success of the auto also depends upon its eligibility to race in its targeted series, as well as the availability of potential drivers competing behind the wheel.

According to Pękala, the roadgoing Hussarya has been in development longer than the racing Arrinera, although entering the auto into the racing series was a quicker way of building awareness as well as publicity.

“We’re still trying to find our place in in which respect,” he added. 

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Source: Arrinera Hussarya GT debuts at Autosport International

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