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Ariel Nomad is usually powered by a tweaked 2.4-litre normally aspirated Honda engine

Ariel’s third design takes the all-terrain car to another level. which’s one of the best driving experiences we’ve ever had The inspiration behind the Nomad is usually not hard to fathom. Every big-wheeled, lightweight off-roader which preceded which – an archive of misfits which includes everything by beach buggies to extreme sandrails – was about fulfilling which impulse to abandon the road’s well-trodden path in addition to slither excitedly off into the dirt, dust in addition to joy of the unknown.Unsurprisingly, the idea of taking the Ariel Atom concept off-piste has been percolating in Somerset for quite some time. Ariel is usually not based in a town or city. Its factory is usually situated in countryside as verdant as a Thomas Hardy poem.Outside of work, many of the firm’s staff can be found ploughing through which, aboard motor in addition to mountain bikes or motley 4x4s. The leap, then, to remaking the Atom as a marauding byway muncher is usually not a monumental one.yet nor was which entirely simple or easy. Ariel began work on the Nomad at about the same time as which began to develop its motorbike in addition to, for a modest company, spreading its resources between the two must have been a stretch. which also found itself limited by its own perfectionism.Rather than carry over as many Atom parts as possible in addition to fit knobbly tyres for a bit of gravel road ability, Ariel incorporated a brand-new Honda engine in addition to experimented with hugely expensive (in addition to brilliant) World Rally Championship-spec Ohlins dampers. As a result, the Nomad’s lineage is usually plainly recognisable, yet This specific is usually a different machine by the one made famous by track days in addition to TV shows.which’s a not bad thing, because Ariel is usually entering a niche within a niche right now in addition to the Nomad’s tiny pocket of buyers will almost certainly be putting its muddy-stuff potential repeatedly to the test.Moreover, because which still looks like an Atom in addition to continues to drive the rear wheels alone, they’ll expect which to still thrill on the road. Covering all of those bases while continuing to travel at a suitably mighty clip is usually where the Nomad departs by practically anything which has gone before.
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Source: Ariel Nomad

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