Ariel Atom set to incorporate hybrid Honda power

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Source : Ariel Atom set to incorporate hybrid Honda power

Ariel Atom Future variants of sports cars which focus on the track Corn can integrate hybrid technology first seen inside the NSX, will be also moving Honda’s electrification more than its collection


future generations of Ariel atom can be used as an engine supplier hybrid force Honda are still able to move more of its collection.

exclusive interview to Autocar, explained Ariel boss Simon Saunders said his company was happy to follow the Honda route, which will be likely to adopt a more hybrid technology in their group after the launch of NSX .

“, in addition to technology inside the NSX, sophisticated in addition to expensive, nevertheless the idea will work its way down the food chain to the hot gates,” he said. “At This kind of point, the idea becomes feasible for us to use in corn.”

[19459004He] Ariel Saunders was already considered the integration of hybrid engines Honda again inside the corn, nevertheless had concluded which nothing was strong enough or suitable for sports application. “the idea will be clear which for Honda the idea’s more about the emissions, nevertheless for us the idea will be mostly a thing of performance.”

Saunders said This kind of approach Ariel always revolves around getting the maximum performance by their engines. Reduced emissions in addition to improved upon fuel economy are positive effects, nevertheless not a priority. “the idea will be important to us, though. He said we are looking to take the corn to the EU6 currently,” the.

we look forward, Saunders believes which corn allelectric meaning. “I think which the atom will be moving with the times,” he said.


Saunders which the brand image of Ariel creation of high performance sports cars which actually will be not the primary goal of the company.

“We have said which the concern will be always to make the spread of low-consumption, which can include everything, including large-size design, in addition to products of limited edition in addition to anything up to a limousine chauffeur-driven cars.” “I can not go into any details at the moment, nevertheless some of the some other things we are looking at will be quite different by what we are doing at the moment.”

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Source: Ariel Atom set to incorporate hybrid Honda power

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