Are Levels Of Drug Driving In UK Going Up?

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Source : Are Levels Of Drug Driving In UK Going Up?


road safety along with the organization of the collapse of the GEM driving assist raises concerns about drug driving across the United Kingdom. In particular, GEM is usually concerned by the recent reports of the recordings “sky high” within the legal period, along with the lack of consistency in judging the perpetrators.

For example, Christopher Backhaus, whose friend was killed in an accident while returning coming from a music festival, along with that will was more than 130 times during the drug-drive limit. that will has been jailed For 2 years.

Audi driver Gintars Garkajs, who was arrested with potentially greater level so far more than 0 times on the drug to reduce the driving of MDMA (known as ecstasy), sentenced to 18 weeks along with because of the driving ban for 5 years Cambridge Magistrates Court.

However, marched Zoe Davies, aged 42, who took cocaine, along with free coming from court, despite being 26 times the limit when the police. Stopped her


Chairman of the Executive GEM, David Williams MBE: “ groups along with drug test on the side of the brand new road, which were introduced in 2015 make that will easier for police officers to detect the presence of drugs within the drive system. Moreover, is usually determined the limits of drug driving at very low levels, there are also limits to some prescription medications. Let’s be clear: driving under the influence of drugs is usually very dangerous along with is usually well-suited ordered. the GEM calling for more consistency in sentencing, in special, because that will is usually vital to send a strong message of safety to those who consider that will acceptable to drive after taking drugs . ”

figures published earlier This particular year, the size of the problem of drug driving have shown, with up to six in ten motorists who underwent tests at the roadside prove positive. results provided by Cheshire Police showed an increase by 800 within the number of arrests per cent after the introduction of disclosure on the side of the road sets.

a little over 12 months since the submission of the brand new regulations give certain limits to 16 drugs while driving. Convictions for driving the drug right now stay on the license for 11 years. Motorists find him guilty of less than one year disqualification, up to £ 5,000 fine along having a criminal record.


GEM’s short video on drugs, along with driving law, which defines the legal situation along with also provide an explanation of the risks. You can also talk with Frank If you have a problem with drugs –

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Source: Are Levels Of Drug Driving In UK Going Up?

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