Arash AF10 to launch in Geneva with 2080bhp

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Source : Arash AF10 to launch in Geneva with 2080bhp

Arash AF10 200mph flagship gets hybrid propulsion of a few parts active in addition to dynamic system


was appointed Arash Motor Company to offer for issuance fresh AF10 product about Geneva Motor show next month.

British super-maker launched a product originally appeared in 2008 , nevertheless in 2016 This specific car can be basically an all-fresh product.

has been replaced by

carbon structure 12, part of the carbon construction part 13, in addition to 7.0-liter pushrod V8 engine old car (sourced by the Corvette Z06) replaced them on the a few hybrid propulsion parts.

system consists of four electric motors (supplier received a of the Charter Arash dynamics of Germany) in addition to the gasoline engine. Each of the electric motor with an output of 295bhp per capita in addition to 0 lb-ft of torque. The gasoline engine can be a unit of the crankshaft V8 crusader that has a compact supercharger mounted inside the fifth cavity. This specific produces up to 900bhp.

This specific gives AF10 of GDP huge 2080bhp, which powers the four-wheel-drive product to 60mph in a claimed 2.8 seconds, that has a top speed of 200mph quoted.

Each unit has its own motivation gearbox. There are four units, two-speed electric motors in addition to speeder six gasoline engine. AF10 can be specified with either a manual transmission or automatic that has a job instead of hops.

in addition to naturally aspirated can be also scheduled to be available for those who do not want heterosis AF10, nevertheless the specifications of This specific product are yet to be confirmed.

External features include a reinforced carbon-plastic with aluminum construction honey sandwich, two dihedral aquatic doors electrically lift, rear spoiler fixed, the front wing adjustable lock light magnesium Center Weight fresh racing wheels (rear 20x12in in addition to 19 x9in front).

There can be also a fresh front axle in addition to rear double-wishbone suspension set up with hydraulic lifting system, which can raise the auto by 15cm in addition to removal easier than speed bumps.


no various other technical details, nevertheless can be supposed to be priced by about £ 1000000 within the fresh AF10.

in addition to AF10 can be not the only product of the company can be to achieve Geneva. As Arash show AF8 Cassini, a slightly updated edition of the AF8 seen a copy again in 2014.

the rear-wheel-drive AF8 carries a steel structure tubular with carbon can be powered by reinforcements in addition to by GM’s 7.0-liter engine LS7 V8, that has a power output of 550hp. Mated to a six-speed manual transmission, This specific puts out 476lb ft of torque, while the 0-60mph time can be a claimed 3.5 seconds. The top speed can be listed as 200mph.

Inside gets some fresh touches carbon in addition to leather trim, with media touch screen within the center console. Customers can also choose to be stripped of a copy, which are specially designed for use on track.

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Source: Arash AF10 to launch in Geneva with 2080bhp

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