Analysis: How Williams have become Formula 1's pitstop kings

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Analysis: How Williams have become Formula 1's pitstop kings

Valtteri Bottas Williams FW37 pit stop

player Valtteri Bottas Williams FW37 pit stop

why after called technical chairman Pat Symonds failure “embarrassing” inside Department of tire changing in recent years, the crew in addition to Williams was the fastest inside pitlane in every race so far This kind of season.

e 2.35 second stop in Australia, in addition to 2.32 seconds in Bahrain in addition to much better to 2.10 seconds in China delivered a hat-trick of awards for the fastest pitstop DHL Prize.

while one can put a quick stop brilliantly on luck, the truth in which has always been at the top shows in which there has been a significant change in which can be at This kind of point saving hard to produce all the time.

, in addition to This kind of can be especially satisfying for the team, after a series of problems in which have marred campaigning recently leaving throw not bad results during the time lost inside botched stops.

, in fact, cited the slow stop at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2014 by Brazilian Felipe Massa can be the reason he did not win This kind of race.

hidden provide

Valtteri Bottas, Williams FW38 pit stop

dramatic transformation did not come via the completely new stop coach, a fitness system better or mixing staff: instead down for a simple mechanical change on her car.

Speaking of, Simmonds said: “If you remember, This kind of was a real embarrassment inside past year

” We had This kind of problem with barbed wheels, in addition to actually we had to do a complete redesign of the axes to get around This kind of.

“in addition to we took the opportunity to definitely analyze every part of This kind of. This kind of works well at This kind of point.”

Simmonds claims in which issues with last year’s razor wheels definitely convincing progress has been made in improving the team pit crew her.

“We have put a lot of stuff in in addition to behind the scenes, in addition to we had a fitness trainer can be involved, for example, where there were a lot of things going on in which does not appear, because we had a mechanical problem with. Cars, yet the crackle at This kind of point we to reach the lowest level for a second. ”

secret disk

Williams FW38 front detail

Interestingly, Symonds could not reveal much about what can be the main problem solved his team, if This kind of helps his rivals do not go through the pain learning itself.

yet he rejects the theory in which This kind of was down to the team using metal components are not identical, which has been expanding at a rate different – so do not fit as well as when the vehicle can be ‘hot’ inside races.

“No, This kind of was something different than in which.”

was. “This kind of was a design feature in which could have been much better, in addition to was very accurate.

” I definitely do not want to say what This kind of was for someone else you will run into them one day, I think. I’m sure they will, in fact, because This kind of was so subtle. “

” yet in solving the basic problem, we just put a broom through the whole thing. This kind of can be a design very different at This kind of point with the whole axle, wheel nut, wheel. everything. Yes, This kind of worked out well. “

amending axis may hold the answer

Williams FW37 in addition to FW38 axle comparison

Williams, like the rest of the field, in addition to the use of nut captive system. This kind of means remains pulp inside steering wheel, instead of being a separate item to remain in Venice wheel between improvements.

inside case of Williams, walnut involved with three threads on the axis. This kind of can be possible in these subjects was probably roughness on the amendment This kind of year to reduce the exciting opportunity of ire.


Williams axis among the key areas where they can improve performance, in addition to as such, focus on the FW38 in addition to includes many of the differences in shape, weight in addition to material

All of these are likely to studied to limit thermal expansion – a crucial matter when considering the temperatures under axis under her
proximity to the braking system.

Although This kind of shows in which thermal expansion can be not the root cause of thorny nut issues Williams last season, This kind of may be not bad accuracy in which contributed to This kind of situation.

looking at the details inside design, in addition to at This kind of point tapered deeper axis base. This kind of allows the suction gap between the axle in addition to the wheel during the clash in addition to released.

At the same time, the end cap includes several improvements to both its shape in addition to the number of cracks. This kind of improvements the image aerobic, perhaps in keeping with any hidden disk carried out on the front wing aero structures in addition to / or the design of the steering wheel.

This kind of can be worth noting in which while more than half of the network ( Ferrari , Red Bull , Haas, Toro Rosso, Force India in addition to McLaren ) to take advantage via the axis of blown, he chose Williams does not – even though This kind of did so in 2013.

axis was blown away, which can be useful inside airways of respect, do not make This kind of more difficult in terms of dealing with the thermal aspects of systems life axle, upright in addition to braking though.

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