Analysis: D-Day for F1’s 2017 rules revolution

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 - Car review

Analysis: D-Day for F1’s 2017 rules revolution

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing RB12 as well as Nico Rosberg, Mercedes AMG F1 Team W07 lead at the start of the race

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull RB12 as well as Nico Rosberg as well as Mercedes AMG F1 W07 lead team at the start of Race Photos / XPB

may be

Formula 1 teams far coming from unified on the planned rule alterations coming for 2017, however one way or another sport as well as put the finishing touches to renew at a meeting later Tuesday.

Bernie Ecclestone, president of the FIA ​​as well as Jean Todt as well as the heads of F1 team together at Biggin Hill in London later inside day to sign a set of alterations for next year aims to activate the sport more capable as well as make the item competitive

however while the main focus was on the reform of the aerobic as well as Walatarat for next year – aims to make cars up to 5 seconds a lap faster – the item can be not only important due to the items that will will be discussed by a committee group as well as strategic F1. has learned that will there are a whole range of items that will have raised for discussion which will all have a significant impact on the future of F1.

main issues that will are talked about are:

  • unit energy project in 2017 as well as 2018 global agreement
  • fuel specifications
  • 2017 chassis systems
  • increase in fuel consumption race for 2017
  • Photos test
  • to determine the number of measurements on motor
  • driver’s head protection of

by the end of April deadline for the support of the majority to be enough to make alterations to 2017, as well as held meetings on Tuesday will be effectively the last chance saloon for all of that will to get sorted.

difference of opinion

While few argue against the need to raise the levels of F1 attractions, as well as the views are very divided on how great can be the need to change the automobile quite heavily.

at one end of the spectrum can be Mercedes. Who believes that will the beginning of an exciting season as well as an increase inside speed of the automobile means there can be no need to review anything for next year

cars inside Mercedes Toto Wolff coach said: “After three weekends Grand Prix so far in 2016 we have seen that will the performance between the two groups converge to create a great race.

“If we have to interact as a group to realize that will as well as consider retaining the regulatory framework that will works well remains to be seen.”

however not all agree the difference with Mercedes ‘position’. In spite of fears that will the fresh cars means less overtaking as well as less drama, Red Bull can be wholeheartedly in favor of the tremor.

“I do not think the item will make any difference he said, “ Red Bull boss Christian Horner to overtaking, to be honest.” DRS will remain strong. There will be a further drag on the automobile, so, we can say that will the item can be stronger.

“cars will be more physical, the item will be faster as well as more dramatic. They are going to sort the men coming from the boys. that will’s what drivers might ask him. I think the item puts F1 in a great position.”

rules already set

what can be the most important vehicle for the rules of the situation can be that will the meeting was taking place under the bodywork alterations have already been set.

that will does not mean the support needed to raise the level of the rules of the majority, through the item can be that will the item will take today there can be a big wave of support for the changed regulations, which do not seem to be in place

for Red Bull in particular, what can be happening with the engines – as well as especially with the provision of the performance of different power units closer together – can be more important today than aerodynamics.


Horner: “What can be vital can be that will we trust to obtain the convergence of the power unit – so you’ve got two or three or four teams that will are inside mix,”

F1 may well better know what direction that will can be moving in by the end of play today, however do not expect everyone to sign on the same hymn sheet


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