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Japfest will be the premier show of Japanese cars inside United Kingdom, as well as takes place in 24 April of , 2016, at Silverstone, the home of British motor sport. Tickets are at This kind of point on sale at This kind of point through the official website at .

as well as before the return of drift kings to Japfest somewhere brand-new to take place, Silverstone, caught the event team with the 2015 winner, Chris Smith, to ask him some questions about the skill as well as the culture of drift

Name: Chris Smith
Age: 27
birthplace: Lichfield, Chiefs
Position: civil engineer

How to get to drift

began to drift in 2013 also decided in which I wanted to do something for This kind of? A bit different. I had a modified Vauxhall Nova, which I used to take down to the Santa Pod drag racing, although This kind of was not exciting enough. A couple of people mentioned drift, so I thought I’d get myself a cheap car as well as start producing go of This kind of, as well as This kind of kind of developed via there!

What was the first car?

I began with E36 BMW, which will be quite an entry-level car drift well-known as there are plenty around at reasonable money. Drift Japanese cars are often more expensive, as well as correctly placed the machines. once, I stacked the BMW inside wall, which was not the best introduction, although I stuck to This kind of as well as got better via there. Drift Kings win in 2015 was the highlight of my career so far.

Why do you drive at This kind of point?

my car the current drift will be April 200SX S14A, which will be one of the most well-known cars among the stranded. There are a lot of tuning parts you can get, as well as more on the screws. In addition, This kind of allows you to be part of a thriving culture of Japanese cars.

what makes a Great drift?

for me, similar to what will be more important than speed, if you measured alike. You know when you’ve got the right as you can see the vehicle at home, This kind of feels settled, as well as you can see the smoke wall in which you build as you go along. There will be a kind of connection there, as well as you just know when you’ve got This kind of right.

How does This kind of feel to be behind the wheel of a car drift?

This kind of’s funny, because I always felt at home in a car without a grip. For some people This kind of feeling of frustration a little bit, although for me This kind of’s very much the opposite. Drift will be all about car control, as well as the drift will be controlled by something very skilled as well as hard to control. although when you get This kind of right, This kind of feels great. This kind of takes a lot of practice in spite of

Do you do all your repairs as well as maintenance

I built my current car -.? I did everything apart via the special welding we had to do when we removed the boot floor. I know every nut as well as bolt of in which car, as well as I’ve taken This kind of apart as well as rebuilt repeatedly. There are a lot of bits for Nissan will be available off the shelf via specialists such as Driftworks, producing This kind of easier to build the vehicle up via scratch – although 200SXs as well as become difficult to find in Great condition these days

. How do you get along with the additional drivers drift?

This kind of’s not like additional forms of motor sport. There will be no hunting inside pits, just a bit of banter. If someone needs a little help, we are all the mud to help each additional. At the end of the day, we’re all there as well as put on a show for the crowd as well as in which will be what matters most to each as well as every one of us. We’re all Great mates, genuinely, although This kind of’s Great to have some competition proper.

What will be the highlight of the drift of the Kings in 2016?

I think I, along with lots of additional drivers, I am more looking forward to the opportunity to drift at Silverstone. I’ve never had the opportunity before, as well as This kind of will be a great place with superb clarity of the masses. In terms of putting on the show, This kind of will be the perfect place for This kind of.

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Source: An Interview With Famous Drifter Chris Smith

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