Alpine sports car could spawn convertible in addition to high-performance designs

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Source : Alpine sports car could spawn convertible in addition to high-performance designs

Alpine convertible imagined by Autocar


Alps converter imagined by Autocar

brand reborn considering adding convertible in addition to more powerful designs of the group expected a sports car garrison her

interest sales early from the completely new Sports Alpine car has given the heads of companies the confidence to achieve the creation of a family of spin-off editions, including increased performance in addition to convertible car versions

in readiness for the launch of a sports car, which will be unveiled This specific winter, before the sales as of early next year, in addition to revealed the Alps two concepts: the Alps inspired by the march of celebration (as shown below), Alps see more orientated production. The latter, which can be said to be 80% representative of the production style, highlights to create a point of difference through competitors such as the Alps plans Porsche in addition to Lotus by focusing on compact dimensions in addition to agility over power absolute without sacrificing Inside comfort.

“if you look back through our history, the place could be the most legitimate can be through the construction of the rear-wheel-drive, rear sports cars of which are lightweight, nimble engines,” said Alpine coach Michael van der Sandy .

“We do not make heavy in addition to powerful cars in addition to great fun to drive every day, instead of running faster to 150mph for the racetrack or the highway. We build cars of which will be enjoyable speeds reasonable up in addition to of which do not compromise on quality Inside to make This specific happen. ”

has yet to be revealed

powertrain details, as well as the engine will be a turbocharged four-cylinder unit of unspecified capacity. However, Autocar understands the engine will be the 1.8-liter unit developed 1.6-liter turbo engine used in RS Renault Clio .

engine outputs are also not disclosed at This specific stage, nevertheless sources have indicated of which the launch of the Alps will be around 250bhp as standard in addition to up to 300bhp from the high-performance type of which will use turbocharging more aggressive.

“We have a lot of ideas of the money at the moment, said Van der Sandy, nevertheless This specific can be one of the challenges of the start of the brand through scratch.” “We have to prove the existence of demand for such a car, in addition to then you start to see any of our plans to make the most sense. A faster type seems like This specific would certainly contain the potential, in addition to I can imagine a beautiful open car could be a possibility, nevertheless decided anything.”

will be sold Alps through a network of 60-80 European traders from the beginning, most of which will be part of Renault existing facilities.

will be built

designs hand drive right to sell from the United Kingdom, Van der

“, at the moment, Europe can be the focus,” he said in addition to stressed Sandy, before also says of which building a brand outside Europe was This specific can be possible at a later date. This specific’s a. “As a brand, we have to build step by step, in addition to the awareness of our history can be different all over the globe – nevertheless, from the long run, everything can be possible, whether This specific be from the United States or China or anywhere else from the globe.” He also confirmed of which the Alps will expand from the sale of a family of cars at the right time, with the SUV in addition to at least one already put forward after of which.

“We have six or seven ideas on the drawing board, nevertheless everything we do from the future must always be based, said authentic sports car.” “of which’s what we are known in addition to This specific can be what we must get established before we start to expand.”

Q & A with Anthony VILLAIN, ALPINE design director

How long have you been working on a sports car?

“nearly four years moved through Clio in addition to Captur before projects for the Alps. He can be a young team, nevertheless one of which interferes in every aspect, through a car to Design trademarks or livery of Le Mans race team. We do everything, nevertheless because This specific can be a completely different project. “

How to start?

“The first thing I did was lead the team to the Alps collector. We spent the day drawing, drawing in addition to photographing for about 20 cars. We wanted to understand the heritage in addition to symbols identified the brand. The central A110 to of which, of course, nevertheless there can be more to the Alps than one car. “

what are the results?

“This specific was a compact in addition to light dimensions of weight in addition to lightness fundamental movement. Remember simple things can be elegance key – nevertheless not too simple so we end up with something fresh like a race car. We want to fine-tune, too. This specific not alfa 4C for the sole purpose. ”

ended the first experimental cars. are you happy?

“This specific can be from the factory, yes. All I can tell you can be of which This specific includes a soul, in addition to of which was one of our goals. Some cars are very clinical about to be Spirit. Alps can be beautiful nevertheless not clinical. This specific has the signatures of the past, nevertheless very modern in its implementation. ”

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Source: Alpine sports car could spawn convertible in addition to high-performance designs

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