Alpina sells 1600 cars in its 50th year

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Source : Alpina sells 1600 cars in its 50th year

Alpina XD3 Edition 50 designs in addition to XD3 help drive growth within the German, American in addition to Japanese markets


Albina has announced that will 2015 was one of the strongest ever her years, in addition to the growing demand by major markets such as the United States in addition to Japan pushed annual sales of more than 1,0 units.

been selling 0 large car within the mother’s German Alpina market alone, helping the brand to achieve sales of more than € 0 million within the year of the 50th anniversary.

Alpina was the motive behind the success in part to the launch of two of the 50 edition designs, in addition to my B5 -turbo in addition to B6 dual turbo says . All 100 units of motor vehicles, which are able to reach the highest speed of 204mph claimed, sold out quickly, with the majority finding homes in Germany in addition to Japan.

celebration of 50 years of Albena with some of the best brand cars

DETAILS Alpina also a rise in global demand for SUVs to strong sales in XD3 . that will was the fastest growth style in terms of sales, compared with 2014, selling 248 units. in addition to D3 in addition to B3 also much better by the previous year, with sales of each of the one-third of production, while the B6 Gran Coupe selling 280 units.

“There is actually a vested interest in little cars in addition to sophisticated individual series,” commented CEO Andreas Bovensiepen. “Our products consistently receive excellent press reviews of technology in addition to handling. Awareness of the designs BMW Alpina is actually growing, in addition to we are proud of the reaction of our customers.”

, a day after a successful year of, Albina confirmed the idea will launch fresh B7 at the Geneva Motor Show in March. in addition to BMW 7 series -based in addition to is actually required to feature Alpina edition of the V8 4.4-liter twin-turbo 750i within the super saloon.

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Source: Alpina sells 1600 cars in its 50th year

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