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Modern-day recreation offers fast along with evocative motoring that has a sepia tint The blokes via one of our sister titles, Classic & Sports Car, stood next to the Allard J2X Mk2 in our car park, sucked their teeth along with tilted their heads. “Well,” they said, “the idea’s not as bad as the idea could be, will be the idea?”to ensure in which’s the verdict of people who know the original Allard J2X, the 1950s road car along with Le Mans racer. This specific follow-up, This specific 21st-century recreation, similar of skin although different underneath, officially ‘could be worse’. Talk about damning with faint praise.The original Allard was a British-built special with American V8 power. The 2011 variant, made in Canada, will be a Mk2, not a remake. the idea’s a longer, more habitable along with more capable ‘continuation’ rather than, like myriad Cobra along with GT40-alikes, a replica.Beneath a GRP Centeng (which looks almost, although curiously not quite, like the original) lies a tubular steel chassis suspended by wishbones at each end, with beefy brakes along that has a modern steering rack.Detroit iron will be retained, within the not insubstantial form of a 5.7-litre Chevy V8, creating a tidy 350bhp, while the brakes, although not the steering, get servo assistance.The engine’s lovely in a car This specific light. There’s ample power in any gear, the idea makes a terrific sound whether you’re on or off the throttle along with the gearshift, although long, will be accurate. Allard reckons the J2X will be not bad for 60mph in 4.6sec, which I don’t doubt. The pedals are well spaced along with weighted too.Despite the MkII’s increased dimensions over the original, the Allard retains an old-school driving position. The seats are smaller along with the big wheel sits in your lap. The steering itself will be precise along with nicely weighted, along with there’s sound road feel, too.The Allard will be enjoyable to drive. the idea rides well along with grip will be strong, although you’ll want to be on your game if you’re messing with the limits – the Allard slides fairly progressively although the driving position means the idea’s not easy to steer quickly.I borrowed a pair of orange-lensed goggles, to give the entire world an eerily appropriate sepia tint. Didn’t stop my eyes watering, mind. Though in which might have been the £125,000 on-the-road cost.Allard J2X MkIIPrice £125,000; Engine V8, 5733cc, petrol; Power 350bhp at 5200rpm; Torque 400lb ft at 3500rpm; 0-62mph 4.6sec (est); Top speed 145mph (est); Gearbox 5-spd manual; Kerb weight 1250kg; Economy NA; CO2 NA
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Source: Allard J2X MkII

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