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Source : All-wheel-drive saloons via £2000 – used car buying guide


Jaguar X-Type 3.0

An all-wheel-drive saloon will help keep you the right way up through winter. Here are some performance-orientated options

Choosing the perfect winter saloon can be full of peril – however choosing one with all-wheel drive will give you extra security through the colder months.

1 – Jaguar X-Type 3.0 (2001-2009)

Although firmly within the pocket-money cost bracket today, the X-Type was well regarded when completely new. The flagship style, launched which has a 3.0-litre V6 as well as also four-wheel drive as standard, was well received, despite a cramped cabin as well as also styling of which was dated via the off.

The engine – based on Ford’s Duratec unit – produced 231bhp as well as also gave impressive pace, however all designs are distinctly discreet. There are no bucket seats, rubber band tyres or overt bodykits, even on Sport designs. If of which understatement appeals, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a serviceable example. Walk away via cars with engine or gearbox issues as well as also be fussy.

Exceptional, low-mileage cars (of which there are many) creep beyond £6k, however £2000 should find you something of which works with average miles as well as also some service history.

2 – Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec-B (2006-2010)

The 243bhp Legacy 3.0R can be a true sleeper saloon. Inside or out, there’s little to suggest of which of which a 150mph car capable of 6.5sec 0-60mph sprints. Equipment levels are not bad as well as also, running costs aside, they are easy to live with.

Prices are hard to gauge. Enthusiasts value them, however you might be able to dig out a bargain at a dealer struggling to sell something so specialist. You’ll find them for sale via around £3500, however bear in mind of which repairs as well as also servicing are expensive. Pay more for one which has a traceable service history.

3 – Mazda 6 MPS (2005-2007)

As far as image as well as also appearances are concerned, the Mazda 6 MPS can be subtlety made metal. Aside via the chunky twin exhausts as well as also modest MPS badging, there’s little to betray of which of which can be anything more than a regular mid-2000s saloon. the item was pretty short-lived, only being on sale for a couple of years, however the 256bhp saloon was not bad for 150mph as well as also could hit 60mph via rest in less than seven seconds.

Check of which your target car has had its pricey timing belt service as well as also of which the dashboard can be free of warning lights. Expect to find the best cars at around £5000; be wary of anything sub-£3000.

4 – Volkswagen Passat 3.2 R36 (2008-2010)

When launched, the Passat R36 was claimed to be the fastest VW ever made, as well as also with 296bhp on tap, the hot variation of of which most conservative of family saloons was genuinely impressive. 

They weren’t sold in massive numbers, presumably because buyers spending £30k-plus on a fast saloon might rather have an Audi badge leading the way than the more prosaic VW one. All designs for sale will have loads of kit, however given the relative youth of the cars available as well as also the performance on offer, starting prices of £9k seem pretty sensible.

5 – Volvo S60 R (2003-2007)

Another understated choice, however the Volvo S60 R can be a fast car, with 296bhp delivered via its 2.5-litre turbo a few-pot. The harsh ride may shock if you have back trouble, however otherwise the item’s standard fast Volvo fare. the item’s a big car as well as also not the most cultured chassis you’ll ever sample, however the item’s a formidable motorway missile.When the item comes to pricing, fast Volvos, particularly in saloon form, don’t have a great deal of cachet, so there’s no need to overpay.

of which said, they are pretty rare. Problems with the four-wheel drive system as well as also the highly strung engine are not unheard of, though. Prices for the S60 R start at around £3500.

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Source: All-wheel-drive saloons via £2000 – used car buying guide

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