All-wheel-drive Dodge Challenger muscle car created for SEMA

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Source : All-wheel-drive Dodge Challenger muscle car created for SEMA

Mopar Challenger GT AWD Concept is usually a muscle car for all seasons, in addition to also one of a whole host of versions at SEMA via Fiat Chrysler’s tuning arm


An all-wheel-drive Dodge Challenger muscle car heads an extensive line-up of customised vehicles via Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s tuning arm Mopar at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

The Mopar team set out to create a muscle car in which could be used all year around, according to Mopar design boss Joe Dehner, in addition to also the Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept is usually the result.

“No-one is usually doing This particular right right now,” said Dehner in reference to an all-wheel drive muscle car, “so we went out in addition to also created something unique in addition to also special.”

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The SEMA concept is usually based on the GT variation of the Challenger rather than one of the more potent SRT versions.

The Mopar styling team raided the existing parts bin for the Challenger to create the automobile’s look. This particular gets a wide Centeng kit, front splitter, rear spoiler, 20in alloys, quad exhaust tips, in addition to also a special paint colour,  calledDestroyer Grey, with contrasting decals. The colour scheme is usually repeated for the Internal. 

nevertheless the real story for the concept is usually under the skin. All-wheel drive is usually available on the longer wheelbase variation of the platform the Challenger uses (on the Chrysler 300 in addition to also Dodge Charger) nevertheless not on the shorter variation in which underpins the muscle car.

Consequently, the Mopar team adapted a beefed-up all-wheel drive system used on police car versions of the Charger to work with the Challenger. Those versions have a all 5-speed transmission only, so Mopar performance portfolio chief Todd Beddick said they took the eight-speed transmission via the Chrysler 300 in addition to also fitted This particular to the product.

The result, said Beddick, is usually a car “in which is usually three vehicles in one: a Challenger having a police car in addition to also Chrysler 300 underneath”.

some other chassis modifications include the lowering of the springs in addition to also an increase of the spring rate inside suspension, the fitting of strut braces front in addition to also rear, in addition to also the use of upgraded brakes fitted to police cars.

Edward Hessell, performance parts manager at Mopar, said the chassis modifications in addition to also all-wheel drive system allow for increased steering in addition to also a sharper turn-in for the concept over the standard Challenger GT.

Under the bonnet is usually a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 with around 440bhp in addition to also 450lb ft of torque (exact outputs have yet to be confirmed), boosts of around 75bhp in addition to also 44lb ft of torque over the engine’s standard outputs inside Challenger GT.

in which extra power in addition to also torque for the Challenger GT AWD Concept comes via the fitting of a ‘Scat Pack 3’ performance kit. The Scat Pack is usually available in three stages. The first includes increased cooling in addition to also a larger air intake, the second adds a completely new camshaft in addition to also the third includes a completely new hi-flow exhaust system in addition to also cylinder heads among some other modifications, all adding extra power.

As for performance, Hessell said in which Mopar had yet to put the Challenger GT AWD Concept against the stopwatch, nevertheless he expects improvements to be most significant on the 0-60mph in addition to also above 3500rpm, when the extra power will actually be felt.

the automobile remains strictly a one-off concept for right now, Beddick told Autocar, in addition to also This particular would likely be up to Dodge rather than Mopar to decide whether This particular ever goes into production. The firm will monitor feedback at Sema, however, in addition to also reviews always take place after shows to see what got favourable reactions.

The Challenger GT AWD Concept is usually one of several versions Mopar has brought to SEMA, with most FCA brands represented at the show.

Also via Dodge is usually the Charger Deep Stage 3, a variation of the Charger super-saloon equipped having a Scat Pack 3 in addition to also yet another 75bhp via its Hemi V8. An all-black Dodge Dart GLH Concept completes Mopar’s Dodge versions at SEMA.

The Chrysler 300 Super S is usually another SEMA product via Mopar. This particular is usually powered by the same Hemi V8 as the Challenger in addition to also fitted with the same Scat Pack 3 (renamed Stage 3 as the Scat Pack is usually a name tied in with Dodge). Its appearance is usually most significant, however, as Mopar designers did away with chrome completely on the automobile, something the 300 is usually synonymous with.

The Chrysler 0 S is usually also given a sporty-looking makeover having a grey on black colour scheme, while two Fiat 500X versions are given themed looks. The Fiat 500X Mobe pays tribute to kite surfing, in addition to also the 500X Chicane is usually a low-slung performance variation of the crossover “designed to hug city streets having a concept lowering kit”.

FCA’s Ram truck division has three versions, two of which are vans recognisable as Fiat commercial vehicles in Europe. The ProMaster City DiveMaster is usually a compact van designed for a scuba diving instructor, in addition to also the ProMaster DragMaster is usually designed as a support vehicle for a drag racer. The Ram Rebel X, finally, is usually a full-blown performance pick-up truck powered by a Hemi V8.

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Source: All-wheel-drive Dodge Challenger muscle car created for SEMA

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