All-brand new Audi Q5 targets Mercedes GLC

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Source : All-brand new Audi Q5 targets Mercedes GLC

The second generation of the SUV midsize Audi adoption MLB architecture along with also pile on the technology, luxury along with also


Audi will take on the brand new Mercedes-Benz GLC , along with also BMW X3 along with also next Jaguar F- Pace with each brand new type of SUV Q5 medium size, which can be due for sale before the end of the year.

along with also brand new Q5 will turn into a platform for MLB Volkswagen Group types with longitudinal engine structure, as used by the latest A4. The move has allowed the structure lighter Audi to pack in more luxury equipment along with also safety while still providing savings weight, with some sources indicate of which the brand new car will be about 100KG lighter than the design of which replaces with smaller editions weighing 1620kg.of which can be made SUV Audi about 200KG lighter than the Mercedes GLC, a major competitor.

Most Q5s will be four-wheel drive, yet of which can be likely to be offered with front-wheel drive, as well as more basic engine options. The brand new A4 ‘s four-cylinder gasoline along with also diesel engines are likely to be carried over to the Q5 without major adjustments, while the gasoline V6 – still the main engine for the US market yet of which can be unlikely to be offered within the United Kingdom – can be part of a joint venture with Porsche . along with also types with front wheel drive for beginners four-cylinder comes with the lowest proportion of CO2 emissions.

along with also the establishment of the brand new A4 suspension – all 5-link system in both front along with also back – will be retained, yet will also be offered with the Q5 suspension self-leveling pneumatic. Will the engineers use a brand new MLB platform to reduce the anterior prominence of the Q5 along with also lengthen the wheelbase, so while the automobile will be on a large scale within the same external dimensions as a design outgoing, there should be more Indoor space on the show, especially within the back.


Q5 spy shots of which will get looks chunkier than bad Q7 received the current , with wheelarch flares significantly along with also wrinkle shoulder stronger along the wing. The upper line can be of which the cars the traditional SUV, though – a sign of which Audi also plans to slot in stylefocused Q4 more rakish, design to take on the Range Rover Evoque


success point RS-Q3 – along with also the fact of which Mercedes has already confirmed the AMG type of the GLC them – convinced the Audi to build a copy Quattro GmbH tuned for the Q5 . along with also you will get a twin-turbo type of the newV6 gasoline engine, producing up to 500bhp along with also 0-62mph time of submission of approximately 4.5sec. of which will also Settings feature a more solid structure along with also the development of a more aggressive shift the automatic transmission to them.

This specific allows for more ‘mainstream’ performance Q5 along with also SQ5, to continue as diesel fuel. 3.0-liter V6 engine diesel 306bhp within the current SQ5 will be returned to produce about 325bhp.


Audi Q5 to unveil brand new within the second half of the year, along with also perhaps one of the first big time within the Paris Motor Show within the autumn, with sales as a result before the end of the year. The brand new car will be built in Mexico, as well as in China along with also India.

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Source: All-brand new Audi Q5 targets Mercedes GLC

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