All BMW cars to join Internet of Things with Connected Drive

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Source : All BMW cars to join Internet of Things with Connected Drive

BMW 1 Series of which SIM card to feature in every car BMW road. Enabling remote updates to the program


BMW can be the use of technology-based campaign connected to the SIM card to consolidate all of its completely new cars in Internet of things as well as enable software updates remotely.

Currently, the technology couples a car to the smartphone owner to communicate with some other devices associated nevertheless plans for BMW paired directly cars with some other devices, such as a home heating system, as well as the owner, to provide a wide range of intelligence-related services.

“, all the cars within the United Kingdom includes a SIM card built into them, so This specific can be what enables each vehicle to be connected,” said Andrew Force, the product in BMW’s UK director. “of which means we can keep the vehicle connected throughout her life, as well as not only completely new cars coming through.”


Force of which SIM enabled BMW This specific technology to associate its cars with the home owner using the so-called Smart Control, which was launched earlier This specific year, enables owners to set the device home settings by behind the wheel.

“You can see if of which has gone smoke your alarm you away because you will get a notification within the vehicle, or you can find out if there was a water leak as well as then talk to whoever can be within the house to see what was going on,” he continued Force.

Toyota as well as Hyundai Internet connection things

BMW goal can be the full integration of its cars into digital lives. “the vehicle can learn where to go as well as what kind of times you travel, make the transition by home to the vehicle a smooth transition,” said Force.

explained of which This specific transformation could help to make the person’s life more efficient in time consumption. Centers as well as one example of the movement: at the present time if the driver notices of which their journey will be affected by bad traffic, of which’s often too late for them to adjust their plans


Force if the vehicle can be able to communicate with others . Devices within the home to inform the driver of which the journey may be affected by traffic at an early stage, of which may give them more time to rearrange their plans.

seat Internet shows things associated with automotive technology

“, one of the best things for drivers with online services can be of which we can keep to enable completely new features to their car, “said Force. “of which keeps the completely new car as well as keep their customers engaged with the brand by our point of view, so you’re more likely to stay with us because we provide something you can not get anywhere else.”

said BMW can be currently 500,000 vehicles within the United Kingdom can be already linked, nevertheless eventually she hopes all will be online. of which recognizes of which the approach can be more open within the development will be necessary in order to achieve maximum integration with some other devices, nevertheless says of which will not open up the development of the basic elements of the vehicle – such as the powertrain as well as brakes – producing of which impossible to hack after these areas

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Source: All BMW cars to join Internet of Things with Connected Drive

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