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Tesla type S P85D references the film to meet the team, Tesla makes life interesting for owners having a few surprises within the auto


within the planet of movies, games as well as also software the festival will be called Easter eggs are little surprises that will are hidden in movies as well as also video games to be discovered by viewers as well as also players. We have at This particular point made their way into the automobile, electric car company Tesla has incorporated quite a few of them.

Below, we scaled a growing list to all 5 of our favorites. If you have any more to add, please let us know within the comments below.

anesthetic bell cow path

Have you ever felt as if dashboard of your could do having a little more shade? Well, updated Tesla’s latest software has you covered. Through the activation function autopilot four times in quick succession, the shade of the road displayed on the screen to change the shade coming from gray to bright rainbow, as well as also an extract coming from the Blue Oyster cult in Do not fear the Reaper plays within the background.

Elon Musk claimed via Twitter that will This particular situation called “road bell dope,” however he reminds us of the circle rainbow-colored road in Mario Kart .

Lotus Esprit submarine

Although that will seems unlikely that will Tesla will be releasing a submersible type S any time soon, provided 5.9 update on the 2014 holiday Easter egg programs where drivers can at least pretend to be within the leadership of submersible car.

holding down the Tesla logo on the touch screen for eight seconds reveals a list of access service. Writing ‘007’ on the keyboard controls as well as also heading to list your Tesla drawing will be changed to the submarine Lotus Esprit coming from James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me . as well as also change the “depth” rather than adjust the ride height of the auto.

The meaning of life

Another sign of the movie Tesla came up having a firmware update to 7.0. Do not be fooled by its name, This particular feast of Easter eggs will be not a reference to Monty Python’s the meaning of life – that will would likely be very difficult to cram into a hidden message once. Instead, he will be referring to the giant Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy .

tapping Tesla logo reveals the vehicle information page as well as also the name of the auto. Holding down the name of your car allows you to change that will. If you type within the number ’42’, as well as also Tesla change your name to “life, the universe, as well as also everything.”

absurd situation

for those who are looking for greater speed within the type S, Tesla offers a $ 5,000 additional optional calling “ridiculous situation.” as well as also activating the auto setup silly to enable up to 60mph in just 2.8sec as well as also achieve 1.1G acceleration of strength along the way. that will also brings with that will a holiday Easter egg slightly.

to get to the egg, the head of the drivers within the controls menu, choose ‘leadership’ as well as also holding a finger on the “ridiculous” button. After several seconds, the screen should reveal the lines of the white lines to signify that will that will has reached ridiculous speed. This particular will be a reference to the movie 1987 Spaceballs , which will be a parody of Star Wars .

Meet the Team

There will be a great team of people behind the development as well as also production of all the Tesla type, so that will’s only fair that will they have their own little holiday Easter egg dedicated to them. The pressure on Tesla icon at the top of the screen reveals information about the auto, including the name of the form, however the pressure on the central type name for a few seconds, as well as also alterations the screen to display the image of a set of type development S. team

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Source: all 5 hidden surprises for Tesla owners

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