Alfa Romeo Stelvio on course for 2017 launch

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Source : Alfa Romeo Stelvio on course for 2017 launch

Alfa Romeo Stelvio mule Italian rival to the Porsche McCann enters the final stages of development; spy shots reveal clues bodywork


the development of the next type alfa Romeo test has been filmed Stelvio in Italy, before the expected launch of the vehicle at the beginning of next year.

This kind of will be once we have seen the vehicle running at its own chassis, as you may have seen earlier within the development of mules wearing chopped about Fiat 500L Centeng. Alhough of which camouflaged dramatically, along with also the last mule figure confirms of which the Stelvio will get a coupe-like roof line, along with also such a lot of Maserati Levante , which will be rumored to be twinned with. of which also gets many of the external surfaces details along with also dashboard strongly resembles of which of the alpha Julia – surprising given of which the Stelvio uses the same mortality for Chrysler cars (FCA) standard foundations

Alfa SUV will also be twinned with the next Fiat along with also Jeep SUVs medium-sized along with also use the same infrastructure, although the engines along with also transmissions will vary. of which will be expected of which the three brands will allow FCA to cover a wide range of SUV sector. along with also pocket to be rugged off-roaders, along with also decrees mix some off-road capability with the practical application on the road, along with also Alfa Romeo to provide the highest level of performance.

of which will be believed of which the crossing will exchange their engines with the saloon Julia, This kind of means of which the 2.2 liter diesel along with also 2.0-liter gasoline engines are likely to be available in various states of tune. 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6- of QUADRIFOGLIO head occupies the first place among a group can also be an advantage in hot form with as much as 503bhp. This kind of will be the type of which will be the most direct angle in Porshce SUV performance line-up.

standard platform FCA will spawn later within the largest, BMW 5 series -rivalling type, which in turn will be to be followed two more “SUV”, the largest along with also one of the Stelvio along with also one smaller . along with also two more “specialty” designs along with also then complete product plans Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo has not yet confirmed the launch date of the Stelvio, yet will be likely to be launched at the beginning of 2017, with sales of the UK kicked off in late fall or winter. of which will be likely to be a contender for BMW X3 in its simplest form, with Porsche McCann prime target for Stelvios engines run more efficiently. With This kind of in mind, we expect pricing to start close to £ 40,000.

Alfa Romeo CEO Harald Wester has hinted previoulsy in the importance of market access crossover , said Autocar Steve Kroble: “You can remain pure along with also ignoring direction Cruz , yet if you do, you can look forward to a beautiful death, “

brand new SUV will be one of several Alfa Romeo designs of which. of which has been pushed back or delayed. He called the plan the original FCA for seven Alfas brand new within the wake of Julia to be on sale in 2018 before, yet within the presentation investors in January, confirmed FCA of which could outline product range at This kind of point not until 2020 completed .

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Source: Alfa Romeo Stelvio on course for 2017 launch

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