Alfa Romeo developing autopilot system for Giulia

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Source : Alfa Romeo developing autopilot system for Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Alfa coach says that will the executive organ of the completely new agreement to get the autopilot system similar to Tesla. Do not expect an independent car completely until 2024


Alfa Romeo is usually to develop a completely new autopilot system to Julia, according to Alpha along with also Maserati boss Harald Wester.

while said Wester completely independent technology FCA group (such as Fiat along with also Chrysler, Alfa Romeo along with also Maserati) can not be expected any sooner than 2024, stressed that will the current goal is usually to put Julia group from the market, with Tesla product S system similar to the autopilot currently in development executive ROM.

He said he believed that will the adoption of autonomous vehicles help to renew auto correct operating from the future.

talk from the launch of Julia , said Wester: “I am absolutely convinced that will once This kind of is usually created autonomous vehicles in full, along with also more people will appreciate driving on a road free of traffic along with also enjoy under the leadership of their car again

. ” Then This kind of will be important also to produce than ever before. A car that will causes a large amount of emotions leadership “

also took the opportunity to exchange alfa approach to access to technology autonomous, adding:” by my side, along with also This kind of could be one area along with also we will develop a large scale, along with also will become part integral part of the automotive industry.

“I have asked once or twice whether This kind of technology is usually in contrast having a brand such as Alfa Romeo, I think the opposite is usually true.

” We all know the situation, whether you live in London or Milan. Go to work from the morning, along with also soon you find yourself in a series of stopping along with also starting, along with also This kind of is usually a real waste of time along with also energy. from the future we will begin to give you that will time again so you can spend This kind of better. “

talk about the completely new Julia, said Wester:” .. This kind of saloon completely new agreement along with also the life or death for the development of Alfa’s future Alfa Romeo group today focuses on the development of the brothers along with also sisters of This kind of first child.

“We are pressing the reset button along with also spent € 1000000000 in This kind of architecture along with also a large amount of money from the first application of Julia

” We’re going to spend billions more to develop the rest. Obviously, the program’s credibility depends a lot on This kind of car, architecture along with also commercial success. “

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Source: Alfa Romeo developing autopilot system for Giulia

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