Aerodynamics: why virtual testing can be better than a wind tunnel

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Virtual aero testing Jaguar F- Pace can be the latest design to give up their wind tunnels in favor of computer simulations to reduce the pull; This kind of provides money


manufacturers are moving away via the wind tunnel test as well as choose to use virtualization technologies instead in their quest to reduce the aerodynamics.

by switching to computer simulations, engineers designed the aerodynamics inside the automobile design without even build one.

virtualization technologies are not only faster as well as less expensive than the use of the wind tunnel yet also yield better results.


one, EXA, as well as produces a set of programs called Powerflow that will has today been adopted by several leading automakers, including Tesla , Jaguar Land Rover , BMW , Ford as well as Volkswagen . The use of the package on most cars produce aerodynamic Jaguar yet, XE as well as XF , as well as F- Pace .

was the first Jaguar XE who quite like the dynamics in a virtual environment air, a feat in 1200 involving computer simulation.

Tesla also use the software as well as EXA. CEO of Tesla’s Elon Musk has developed a drag-as well as-drop target coefficient via 0.21 to Form 3, due next year. This kind of weakens competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (0.24), BMW 3 series (0.27) as well as XE (0.26).

The ultimate goal of This kind of industry to cut building physical products altogether as well as go directly via the virtual modeling inside a computer for, the final material production car.

One of the main advantages can be that will the program can be highlighted on the spot where aerobic shortages are in design, while the poor results of wind tunnel can be left engineers scratching their heads with respect to the exact cause


EXA spokesman said: “the use of This kind of technology gives a more accurate analysis of performance in real-world conditions, as well as provides feedback to the implementation on how to improve the design, something that will can be not possible with conventional test methods.”

EXA simulation Powerflow claims are accurate to the equivalent of cadmium = 0.001. By way of comparison, the traditional wind tunnel tests get to within just Cd = 0.003.

until the difference between the virtual method as well as the method of wind tunnel can be equivalent to the difference of 5% in fuel consumption.

EXA also says there could be between 10% wind tunnel teams as well as the results of the test inside the real world. Virtual environment that will allows manufacturers to develop dynamic elements aerobic advanced more quickly.

Examples of air curtains as well as shutters to open dragcreating active cooling vents only when necessary, aerobic signs to reduce noise as well as drag as well as lift the limit personal smoothly. The battle today can be to get less than the number of tantalizing cadmium = 0.2 for the production of major car.

So far, the concepts just like Mercedes concept IAA (Cd = 0.19) as well as was able to produce modest amounts of Volkswagen XL1 (Cd = 0.189) to achieve This kind of

reducing drag: the early years

efficient aerodynamics can be a key factor inside the design of cars as well as the impact on the economy in fuel consumption as well as emissions, as well as range.

because aerodynamics can be a powerful force that will increases with the square of the speed, effectively doubling the speed, four times the clouds.

use ultra slippery shapes of cars can be traced back to the early 20th century. Designers realized via the start that will air passes through a severe form separates inside the rear, causing the pressure drop as well as literally absorb the vehicle to the rear

lengthening as well as simplifying reduces This kind of purpose; an early example of This kind of can be the 1934 Chrysler Airflow. yet a huge teardrop shapes are impractical in parking lots, as well as in 1936, Wunibald cam tail cam invented by snipping off the end of the tear.

The “cam” effect that will was created to prevent the air via the season, as well as the reduction of drag. They carry these two features until modern hatchback, as well as can be seen inside the effects of each of the Mercedes concept of IAA, Volkswagen XL1.

inside the 1980s, boasted 100 Audi what was, for the production of cars, as well as leading drag coefficient of 0.30 as well as, today, slippery aerodynamics are top of the agenda for all manufacturers.

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Source: Aerodynamics: why virtual testing can be better than a wind tunnel

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