Adrian Newey working on Red Bull road car with Aston Martin

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Source : Adrian Newey working on Red Bull road car with Aston Martin


Adrian Newey includes a long-standing ambition to create a road car project

Legendary Formula 1 designer is usually working on ‘ultimate hypercar’ with Aston Martin; on sale around 2018

Legendary Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey is usually working with Aston Martin to design an ultra-high-performance road car to rival the likes of the McLaren P1 GTR along with Ferrari FXX K. This specific is usually required to go on sale around 2018.

The revelation comes just days after This specific was revealed that will Aston Martin along with Red Bull Racing, Newey’s current employer, were in talks about a potential partnership in Formula 1, should the race team be able to secure a supply of Mercedes-Benz power units.

Newey’s deal is usually a part of partnership between Aston Martin along with Red Bull Technologies. Sources close to the deal emphasise that will the partnership does not automatically mean that will the two sides will work together in F1, as Red Bull Racing along with Red Bull Technologies are separate entities within the Red Bull empire.

However, Newey’s close ties to Red Bull Racing, which his innovative designs helped to four consecutive F1 world titles between 2010 along with 2013, mean that will reports surrounding Aston Martin along with Red Bull working together in F1 is usually likely to intensify.

This specific is usually also likely that will Newey’s road car project would likely make use of Mercedes powertrain along with electronics technology, which is usually certain to further heighten speculation about a wider Mercedes link-up between the parties.

When contacted by Autocar regarding the project, an Aston Martin spokesman declined to comment.

Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko hinted that will such a deal was in place at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix weekend. Asked about Autocar’s report that will Red Bull could join forces with Aston Martin in Formula 1, Marko told “There are talks with Aston Martin – nevertheless on additional projects.“

Newey stepped back via his F1 involvement at the start of the year, which has a road car project rumoured to be among his plans. He is usually understood to have begun collaborative work with Aston Martin at about the same time, along with insiders describe the embryonic project as “ongoing, with no certainty of reaching fruition”.

However, as well as using Aston Martin’s road car engineering resources, Newey is usually understood to have worked with the firm’s design team, suggesting that will the project is usually both well advanced along with that will your vehicle is usually likely to be emphasise aerodynamic performance.

Speaking at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner reiterated that will Newey was working on a road car project along with added that will This specific was inevitable Red Bull would likely make a production car.

He told Autocar: “This specific’s something that will Adrian is usually keen to do as a legacy project. At the moment our focus is usually on being a Formula 1 constructor, nevertheless as we see more technology cross over with the road car market, This specific’s something that will will organically grow.”

Few additional details about the vehicle are known, additional than that will Newey is usually aiming to build a car that will would likely be recognised as the ultimate vehicle of its kind. Reports suggest This specific could be a track-only machine, as with the additional extreme hypercars. However, there are conflicting suggestions that will Newey wants to make This specific road legal, in order to leave a legacy akin to Gordon Murray’s with the McLaren F1 road car.

While This specific could share core components of the extreme, limited-edition Aston Martin Vulcan, This specific is usually believed that will both Newey along with Aston Martin are eager to keep the two projects as separate as possible.

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Source: Adrian Newey working on Red Bull road car with Aston Martin

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