Adrian Newey along with Marek Reichman on the AM-RB 001 hypercar

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Source : Adrian Newey along with Marek Reichman on the AM-RB 001 hypercar

Adrian Newey along with Marek Reichman interview Autocar Red Bull along with Aston Martin have teamed up to produce a car that will they say will be a ground breaking; we speak For two main of the main men behind the idea


at This particular point, for most of us, the brand new car, which will be generated by Aston Martin along with Red Bull advanced technology will be only as green swooshes inside image or teasing shape that will hints at sleek, low car without telling us much at all.

inside minds of designers Adrian Niue along with Marek Reichman, however, the AM-RB 001 will be already a car technologically advanced which has a stunning breadth of capability, capable of both contention slowly through city traffic along with beat a Formula 1 to the speed of explicit

AM-RB 001 hypercar: alternative path inside pipeline

project may offer as much as a type full-sized along with interested parties – Aston Martin, Red Bull along with motorsports outfit AF race – are still feeling their way in This particular brand new relationship. Everyone will be wary of saying too much, too soon, although after the break the exclusive story last summer, Autocar granted a rare interview with both Niue along with Reichman.

Niue, long considered the Formula 1 technical thinker along with foremost, along with Richman, responsible for the formation of a brand new generation of Aston Martin, has established a fruitful business relationship. Discovery they think like that will was a huge Insentif with This particular pair, as they put on creating entirely brand new sports car that will could serve as a “legacy” motorways of Niue along with the halo car for Aston.

Although his career in racing, remained the idea of ​​designing cars on the roads inside imagination Niue since his formative years. “My father was a reformer will be a great expert with the vehicle,” he says. “the idea was a Mini Cooper S, Lotus Elans, along with This particular kind of thing, along with use the idea to do all its own maintenance work. He had a little workshop where he adjusted along with I used to help him.”

Niue began to sketch his cars own along with then “using workshop along with father of folded bit of aluminum along with fiberglass, which makes my designs “

explore the owner of the project inside final year at the University of Southampton how aerodynamics ground along with influence – all the rage in Formula 1 at the time – can be applied to a car Sports ongoing way. “The wind tunnel large-scale type was built by the [car]. This particular will be as much as what happened, although he helped get me my first job in motor racing,” he says.

He acknowledges the current regulations of the sport finds restrictive by the perspective of the structure, along with that will while he was immersed in Formula 1, he even kept an eye on the vehicle will be also designed on the roads.

“I read Autocar along with I’ve always been interested in cars on the roads,” he says. “I enjoy driving. I had a cure for myself when we won the championship of Formula 1 in 2010 to buy the Aston Martin Vantage, along with I also have a GT DB4 used car by the road on sunny days. So I’ve always been impressed by Aston as a brand, along with I’ve always been interested in sports cars, along with particularly the efficiency of modest businesses. “

step Andy Palmer, Nissan, where he had become aware of Niue through Infiniti-Red Bull F1 tie-up, to become equal, CEO of Aston Martin a chance the project partners to work together. although This particular will be more than just a marriage of convenience. Since the project got under way in January, I have found the heads of Red Bull along with Aston design visions that will closely.

reflects the elegant immersion Niue early inside modest, motor sports fun, along with was the first road car Reichman inside Austin-Healey Sprite’s, so perhaps the idea will be not surprising that will two of their designers similar ideas as to what makes the perfect sports car .

Although the Aston middle of the engines was not inside product in Gaydon plan, along with the idea was Reichman had ideas on how one might look along with even committed one idea mid-engined for the form of the concept inside DP 100 Vision Gran Turismo, which was established in 2014 for inclusion inside virtual world of the computer game Gran Turismo.

at This particular point, though, came an opportunity to create a production car with some technical restrictions. Earlier This particular year, the designers presented two ideas what such a car might look. Richman says: “For initially we met to share, along with was seeing them [Red Bull] will be not a hundred miles away by what I was thinking if Aston Martin was to do a car” mid-ships “

Niue along with Reichman are reluctant to reveal much about the final shape of the vehicle, although Showing grins as they carefully choose their words to discuss the idea indicates that will the idea will provoke a reaction jaw-dropping when he found out.

[19459004confirms] Reichman that will the vehicle will “tell you that will the idea will be the Aston Martin through its dimensions,” although warns that will the idea will not look like any Aston we’ve seen ever. “ratios AM-RB 001 will be near-perfect,” he explains. “the idea’s perfectly balanced in terms of performance along with balance bodywork along with passengers in exchange for packaging the engine.”

along with confirm that will the vehicle will have two seats side by side – with enough space for six margins, in addition to a modest luggage space – along with midmounted internal combustion engine. The use of words such as “purity” along with “mild” to describe the project, along with will be anticipated to be close to 1 ratio of strength to weight: 1

beyond that will, details thin on the ground. let your imagination run riot, because there are clear indications that will the idea did Niue along with Reichman likewise. Like any project, there are, of course, budgetary constraints, although which has a car due to come with the expected cost tag of one million 2000000 £ 3 £, the idea’s open season to effectively creators to look at all sorts of exotic materials to cut along with options along with building styles powertrain, provided Q division Detailed Aston Martin can be converted into reality to build 99 cars.

we can at least expect the shape of the vehicle to be aware of all of the emotion Niue on the job over to aerobic smart technical solutions along with the latest Reichman vision for Aston Martin design language. For more launch of the imagination, we remind Niue-penned Red Bull X2010 along with X2014 exciting concepts created to promote Gran Turismo along with the DP said Reichman 100.

there will be two different types of AM-RB 001, through legal one along with the various other extreme, stripped copy down the path that will will chase the headlines, – bettering F1 lap time.

road car will be the “car of the two characters,” according to Niue. “The easy thing to do to have a car LMP1 current road design, although if I was one of those on the road, you feel that will we have failed,” he says. “So we try to create a car that will will be capable of extreme performance when you want the idea, although equally if you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the King’s Road, the idea’s a comfortable place to be.”

Aston says we should expect carbon Centeng, although the idea will be more than just the current car road race. “The LMP1 car has the nature of a brutal form of the language will be following a particular job,” he says. “The AM-RB 001 will be not only comfortable to be inside traffic jam, although the idea will be also beautiful to look at the traffic jam. This particular will be an important aspect of This particular, because the idea has no need to follow the format restrictions, along with therefore we can put This particular mixture aerodynamics of art along with art together beautiful design. “

beyond that will, we are inside realms of speculation.

how they could achieve the promised target lap time ahead of a Formula 1 car around the Silverstone?

evidence can be found in creations Niue previous theoretical along with real or virtual worlds. the idea has been used aerodynamics ground effect, active ‘Aero (which adapts to the flow of air around the idea), “Blown” diffusers to enhance air flow using the exhaust gases, along with even technology “fan car. the idea was the last Major of oak in CANAM along with Brabham race in Formula 1 there were fans back of the vehicle that will drew air by under the vehicle to relieve stress along with enhance downforce.

then there will be a set of devices that will are not allowed in F1: traction control, suspension of an active, anti-lock brakes, four-wheel drive, super-frames sticky … No wonder the Niue feel liberated compared with formulas tight control of motor sport in

Reichman says. who will be behind the project approach “no limits” flavor: “there are a lot of modern cars do not have these starting points. along with often based on a car that will already exists or something the company needs to do. This particular car will be a unique approach. “

will be likely to be provided via a hybrid set up This particular foundation a simplified variation of the restoration of the energy used by the F1 car or a native of Le Mans type system

extra power. Niue hints:” Hybridization offers some areas to explore, which will be very interesting along with that will may not have happened before with that will technology, “

, such as ultra-rare Aston Martin Vulcan, the owners will be invited to be high in wait for AM- List RB 001, the brand new car will be rewarding high-performance type, Oosahab who take the idea on the track have to build a lead that will experience at high speeds.

. “although at the same time, frankly, Marek along with I could like a car that will you can ease in if be you want, “says Niue.

looks like the idea will be impossible to ask, although two of them air wearing relaxed suggests that will they have studied all the numbers CFD along with know exactly what AM-RB 001 should be able to when the idea hits the road along with track.

along with the vehicle “001” suffix means that will the idea can be the first in a series of cars. They are timid on the idea, although asked if he sees This particular cooperation as a basis for further joint ventures, Niue encouraging convergence of Red Bull along with Aston Martin, “describes a simple marriage”

He continues: “Sometimes when you put two companies together, will be a type of the shotgun, sometimes just working very easily. I think This particular will be inside category of “very easy”, in that will we seem to develop the same ideas along with opinions. ”

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Source: Adrian Newey along with Marek Reichman on the AM-RB 001 hypercar

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