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Have you ever noticed how your engine ‘goes’ a bit better when This specific’s warmed up? Well, there’s a few things at work however the easiest to explain here is usually the principle of how the oil lubricates the engine. Cold oil is usually not very viscous, however as This specific warms This specific gets to all areas of the engine along with also provides lovely lubrication for everything to run smoothly. This specific means all your pumps, pistons along with also cams operate properly!

One thing to remember is usually of which not only the engine runs better warm – most of the rest of the auto does. Brakes can be ‘grippy’ when cold, tyres can be less responsive (of which’s why racing cars will have a zig-zagging warmup lap) along with also of course turbos etc all want to be warmed up to get to optimal operating temperature.

I guess I’m the opposite of my car. I work better colder. How about you? Maybe after reading This specific you’ll let your engine warm up properly in future, though I wouldn’t recommend zigzagging for the tyres on a public road.  For those interested, the engine inside picture is usually an Audi RS4 V8 FSI. This specific has 32 valves along with also 4163cc of displacement. This specific powers the auto through 0-6.2 in a hugely quick 4.7 seconds.

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Source: A Warm Engine Works Better…

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