A Lexus hybrid crossover is usually on the cards

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Source : A Lexus hybrid crossover is usually on the cards

Lexus CT200 artist's impression can be replaced Lexus CT200h compact hybrid failed by a brand-new intersection in an attempt to get a larger market share


Lexus can take the place of her CT200h compact hybrid having a brand-new crossover design, brand European boss Alan Uyttenhoven says.

with sales of about 10,000 a year, along with also CT200h did not break inside compact premium products market is usually booming in a way which Lexus had hoped, he has admitted Uyttenhoven. This particular part of the market of around 750,000 cars a year in Europe.


no various other suggestions for an alternative for the next CT200h, however the concept LF-SA exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show last year in a sign of what’s replacing the CT200h may look like when the current car reaches the end of her life over the next 24 months.

Despite achieving global sales of 652,000 units last year, struggling to earn a Lexus driving force inside European premium products market in general. Through “wider in Europe, the brand, which are sold all over 64,000 units last year. Says Uyttenhoven Lexus hopes to more than 70,000 sales This particular year

Uyttenhoven pointed out which” the entire 50% of the automobile market European luxury exist under the € 40,000 mark [£ 32,000] “along with also added:” the only design we have in This particular part is usually the CT200h. “

inside future, Lexus hopes to take advantage of the move against the diesel engines in city centers, with Uyttenhoven claiming which” 300 European cities currently have some of the laws relating to access. “He also pointed out which the hybrid engine is usually low, especially in gasoline emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Although the item is usually associated having a full-sized sedan, Lexus is usually doing progress inside global crossover market. the item sold 150,000 units of the RX outgoing expects last year’s design along with also hit 0.000 with the brand-new RX [19459008th] This particular year. in addition, 150,000 of the smallest NX sold design during 2015, a figure which is usually supposed to rise to Uyttenhoven 0,000- 170,000 units This particular year.

the result is usually which crossovers could represent a global half sales Lexus This particular year. “-, which would certainly give inside end we see inside market in Europe, we need to get the sales annual Lexus above the 100,000 mark,” he said Uyttenhoven. “you need to drive 5% of the chip to become a real player.”

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Source: A Lexus hybrid crossover is usually on the cards

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