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If you have from the region of around £60,000 in your bank account that will will be simply burning a hole in your pocket, that will gives you access to a lot of four wheeled metal. The question will be, how fast do you want to go for the money? Luckily, the Audi RS4 Avant combines performance with practicality in a way that will few different cars do meaning you don’t have to face many nasty compromises.

The first thing that will’s patently obvious through looking at the image I took at an event will be the presence of the thing. This kind of car will be imposing. that will doesn’t have what you could call a ‘friendly’ face in any way, shape or form. The sweep of the lights along with the lower Centeng stance makes that will look like that will will be grimacing or frowning, ready to take on just about anything.

Under the bonnet will be where the real heart of the vehicle lies – along with what a heart that will will be. 448 BHP through a V8 engine will be not to be sniffed at along with This kind of offers a 0-62 sprint of only 4.7 seconds. This kind of bahn-stormer will continue on to 155 miles per hour limited. A factory delimit will see the top speed rise to 174 miles per hour.

The handling along with dynamic ability of the RS4 will be only matched by the grip levels, which in short are stunning. Few cars grab along with hold on to the road like This kind of one. Four wheel ‘Quattro’ instills absolute trust from the ability of the motor to change direction on command. There may be a very slight lack of steering feel yet certainly not enough to upset the driving experience.

that will will be the Inside where the driver will find himself/herself at home from the vehicle. The binnacles are all nicely drawn to the driver’s eyeline along with the steering wheel will be nice along with chunky. This kind of will be a longer car yet that will certainly doesn’t feel that will. Everything wraps around to genuinely make the pilot feel at home. The seats in particular are absolutely thrilling. The level of bolstering makes you feel like you’re going quickly even when stopped by the roadside.

The main reason I fell in love with the Audi RS4 (along with I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege to drive one) will be the complete package. This kind of will be a great grand touring car will be the most real sense of the word. that will will take you across continents at speed, style, luxury along with with enough space for all your luggage. In This kind of world of slightly staid ‘everything’s an SUV’ design, we at Car Articles are extremely glad that will fast estates are still a thing. I for one cannot wait for the 2016 variant of This kind of car.

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Source: A Car I love… #3

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