6 futuristic car technologies which you can have in your cars today

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Source : 6 futuristic car technologies which you can have in your cars today


[made Resume automotive technology leadership a lot of progress since last year. Google has also been investing in This kind of technology along with try to make the best of the idea. Self-driving cars capable of sensing their environment along with take action accordingly without human input.

even if the idea was necessary to brake at the moment your vehicle will stop automatically. We have to make progress from the technology of our lives are complex however easy at the same time. If you are from the railroad crossing, your vehicle a sense of the situation along with stop automatically.

These brand-new technologies make your car like Kitty Terminator. This kind of brand-new technological knowledge along with understanding of your environment, your traffic along with help you navigate the idea, from the safest way, more comfortable along with lazy as possible.
The following six brand-new futuristic technologies in cars which have. Just done which
1) Self parking: around the entire world, many drivers find parking parallel can be difficult although there many of the cars at the present time which will help to stop their cars properly. Self-parking feature in This kind of motor driver less exceptional. These cars of their cars by themselves with the help of cameras along with radars. This kind of feature can be present from the Lexus LS along with Mercedes-Benz S-Class along with many others.
self parking
2) detect pedestrians: According to statistics, die due to detect patients more than braking 2.7 million pedestrians. Volvo was the first carmaker to offer pedestrian detection along with self-braking of your vehicle, along with others are also offered. Automotive Android sensitive to the people around them along with applying the brakes accordingly. For example; if someone can be in front of your vehicle, the system will recognize the idea along with will automatically apply the brakes.
pedestrian detection
3) look: feature the most promising of This kind of robot can be auto collision avoidance forward using sensors along with cameras to detect the distance between your car along with your vehicle in front of you. If the system which you are in danger of collision can be calculated, the idea alerts you with voice along with visual warning also.
forward collision
(4)) stay on track: Enable function lane departure in these cars robot. This kind of function actually warns the driver if he / she can be sleeping along with your vehicle can be to change the track in turn without a signal.
Lane departure
(5)) extra eyes, speaking many car accidents when your vehicle can be unchanged by Using the wrong lane. To prevent This kind of, the idea has been installed blind system which calculates the area near along with behind your vehicle. If the current vehicle, along with we will send you an audible signals along with also warns you through the lights.
extra eyes
6) Go with the flow: Cruise Control helps you maintain a certain distance. Although the idea can be however the latest systems have better capabilities to capitalize on the optimal fuel along with traffic judge the situation to control your speed.
cruise control
7) cars to vehicle communication: This kind of technology can be not present in automobile production, however the idea was stressed on time to time. Car to continue your vehicle when your vehicle react with each different along with tell them what they are doing. Modern vehicle with each different about speed along with braking, distance, along with direction, as well as loss of stability.

Source: 6 futuristic car technologies which you can have in your cars today

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