£225m investment expected by UK supply chain by 2020

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Source : £225m investment expected by UK supply chain by 2020

UK car production investment supply chain significantly not only one of the opportunities which could arise via the proposed investment


as well as plans British supply chain to invest £ 225million over the next three years, according to brand-new research via the motor manufacturers as well as traders Association (SMMT).

survey conducted by ComRes independent agency the ballot during the month of May 2016, for revealing more than 100 SMMT members of the supply chain 94% of the investment plan in their grand total of nearly a quarter of a billion pounds over the next three years.

is actually supposed to greatly contribute to these investments in skills as well as employment, plant machinery or tools as well as product development.

said 93% of the members of the supply chain studied to raise the volume of business they do with the producer of your vehicle companies inside United Kingdom as well as key suppliers is actually important for the future of their companies, with 46% of those who are also planning to raise export. is actually the source of 41% of the components inside average British car right now made locally – via 36% again in 2011. 68% of all companies surveyed right now send 40% or less of their production abroad

as well as SMMT which has. However he said which any potential investment plans had stopped, as well as This specific depends on the continuation of political as well as economic stability

SMMT coach Mike Hughes said: “Britain’s car industry is actually booming as well as which is actually encouraging to see This specific opening up huge opportunities for the UK supply sector. The series strong local supply is actually critical to the successful automotive sector, as well as we are confident which with the right political as well as economic conditions, as well as can be a great investment supply chain, as well as provide more jobs as well as growth secured. ”

British supply chain of more than 2,000 companies made up, employs 78,000 people.

continue car production inside UK for growth inside first quarter of 2016

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Source: £225m investment expected by UK supply chain by 2020

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