2018 Skoda Yeti to become more conventional SUV

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Source : 2018 Skoda Yeti to become more conventional SUV

Skoda Yeti Skoda boss confirms Yeti next generation will turn into a larger as well as more extensive style of the cars today, with the largest SUV design


the next generation of Skoda Yeti , which is usually scheduled to arrive in 2018, will become more of a traditional SUV through the intersection, also found a car refreshed fresh place in line the Czech -up.

after the launch of Kodiaq SUV at the Paris Motor Show from the autumn of This particular year, Skoda will then turn their attention to the achievement of a fresh face of Leyte, which was for a long time the only company crossover style.

, as well as said the fresh Skoda boss Bernhard Maier Speaking at his annual news Skoda conference, where the company revealed that will had identified record sales figures in 2015 was aware of the Yeti “that will is usually not a surprise as well as no secret that will Yeti will be reborn, “she added the following in Europe, saying that will the vehicle is usually a” success “for Skoda. story He added, “that will’s already from the development as well as look beautiful, as well as sticks to the ideals of the brand.”

understood through those ideals that will have practical application, as well as the cabin is usually wide as well as affordability – schools that will also directed the development as well as subsequent Kodiaq variables managers.

like Kodiaq, the fresh Yeti design cues feature taken through the vehicle concept visions, with key elements likely to grille include clearer, hood scalloped headlights tiny LED, as well as the curved shape of the vehicle will today make way for the Centeng with more through traditional SUV four-wheel design, which is usually likely to mean the ride height raised, a strong shoulder line as well as cover high car engine signals.

that will is usually not known whether Skoda will choose to launch the next generation Yeti manner one Centeng or bring different versions to market as is usually the case with the vehicle today, which can be purchased both as a copy concentrated in urban areas, or form chunkier “from the open air”.

while Meyer mentioned from the details, as well as said he could not confirm that will the fresh Yeti will allow larger than the current car space, which features 416 liters of the boot with the rear seats in place of storage, rising to 1760 liters with them folded away.

essence of the Yeti’s engines are likely to diesel engine remains a 2.0-liter, however Meyer has hinted that will the issuance of at least one will be electrified. Described so electric motors for Skoda as “a clear challenge,” said the engineers’ work on finding the best solutions for Skoda. ”

plug-in hybrid is usually the most likely to Skoda option, given that will has the brand already committed to bring such dynamics of the fabulous 2019 strength, however due to what extent is usually likely to reach, electric edition in full can not be ruled out electrification of the latest Volkswagen Group strategy. that will is usually understood that will any hybrid or electric edition as well as the Yeti does not form part of the group at all, however, instead, appear later from the vehicle’s life cycle.

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Source: 2018 Skoda Yeti to become more conventional SUV

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