2017 Porsche 911 R – latest spy pictures

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Source : 2017 Porsche 911 R – latest spy pictures

Porsche 911 R spy shots plots Porsche 911 back to basics having a focus on the involvement of the driver instead of the lap times [19459004derivedGT] The Porsche 911 [andKdtjsst R test with minimal disguise, predicted before the launch of the Geneva Motor show next year.


manual only stablemate of GT3 in addition to RS GT3 carries no notation in these shots spy early, despite the fact which the central twin exhaust set up, with the rear diffuser in addition to clear, however not the rear wing, in addition to indicates the item is actually a “pure” 911 variant with him for the very first time by Autocar in June of This particular year. This particular latest spies also show test mule working on brand-new wheels, as witnessed recently on the upcoming spy footage facelifted 911 GT3.

is actually required to launch in 2017 within the early, with the Geneva Motor Show next March to be the most likely setup a brand-new car to make debut hardcore Porsche 911.

is actually likely to pay tribute to the original 911 R, which celebrates its 50th anniversary to its founding in 2017. the item is actually expected which 911 R will be a permanent addition to the 911 family, rather than as a special limited edition run

brand-new type. the item is actually believed which the brand-new car to be completely distinct entity by any which had been seen within the 16 years since the introduction of the original GT3 in 1999.

Porsche puts the focus on fun simple command with 911 R, which means which the item will be radically different by the versions RS-based track in addition to standard GT cars which are designed to be usable every day.

The brand-new car will be engineered specifically to determine the competitive periodically or provide reasonable daily means of transport times. Instead, the item will be set up to maximize the feel in addition to response in addition to interaction driver. Crucially, the item will mark the return of a manual gearbox for a 911 GT for the very first time since the demise of the generation of 997 in 2011.

As is actually clear by the spy shots, the item is actually expected which the brand-new car to lose a lot of aerodynamic additions which have become synonymous with the versions GT, in addition to the item comes having a narrow Centeng 911s used by the base specification, having a large rear wing of the GT versions obvious by their absence.

will probably be skinnier, dedicated less grippy tires in addition to the structure set up to generate less grip in addition to more towards providing a friendly match on reducing balance.

engine is actually likely to be similar or identical to the normally aspirated 3.8-liter unit used by the current GT3, although the move to turbocharging for all 911s is actually GT- at the end of This particular year , the Although the Porsche remains silent about the existence of R 911, so the item could not confirm any details of the 911 t

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Source: 2017 Porsche 911 R – latest spy pictures

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