2017 Audi A8 tipped to use next-gen virtual dashboard technology

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Source : 2017 Audi A8 tipped to use next-gen virtual dashboard technology

Audi Virtual Dashboard , This specific is actually expected the information along with also entertainment systems along with also a fresh philosophy for the rest of the dashboard devices to be installed from the fresh home next year saloon


Audi has revealed more details of the next evolution of the digital cockpit technology leadership, This specific is actually very likely of which the production of up from the fresh Audi A8 from the next year of its elements.

First seen in Audi Q6 see e concept car Quattro , then shown off at the CES show Electronics in January, builds a fresh virtual panel on virtual technology cockpit available already in many cars on the roads Audi.

At present virtual panel is actually only a concept, which shows the “cut blatantly dashboard” of which a total of three digital projectors is actually responsible for the supply along with also control of all functions along with also information.

first screen positioned from the field, direct the driver to see along with also do the role of the instrument panel, is actually very thin, OLED curved (organic light emitter of diode) screen along with also This specific is actually what 14.1in diagonally, her resolution 2240×720 pixels. The curved surface a bit ensures of which the driver can always read the display without glare.

controlled via multifunction steering wheel, This specific is actually similar in function to the current default cockpit driving Audi In standard form This specific displays information such as speed, battery charge status along with also the remaining electric range.

In addition, the panel default command features two touch screen from the center console. This specific appears on the top screen content regularly along with also the media to control the navigation functions of the media, while the lower screen is actually used for text input along with also working on Aircon. All key functions may need integrate these two presentations, which can be a personal driver.

to use touch-screen operations act, where the user hears the noise along with also feel the vibration whenever the push button. He said Audi expert electronics Andreas LAMPRECHT This specific provides the main two advantages over the conventional touch screens: “First, the user avoids unintended operation such as those of which may occur as they were traveling on the road along with also rugged along with also try to use the function

” Second, you can feel in fingertip if I worked a button, so there’s no need to repeatedly urged on the screen, so This specific is actually less distracting. “

Contrary to the current Audi types, there is actually no control key rotary for the operation along with also functions of the screens.” the reason is actually of which everyone carries a smart along with also unfamiliar phones with touch screens, along with also we want to respond to of which “LAMPRECHT.

” the general philosophy of screens split systems along with also feedback haptic will be in automotive production in less than one year. , “He added.

although he would likely not be drawn on the design of which will get the technology for the very first time, LAMPRECHT stressed of which” is actually genuinely just around the corner This specific is actually clear of which This specific is actually a technology of which will begin from the big cars along with also constantly work through the range. “With next A8 scheduled for launch in 2017 , This specific makes sense of which This specific would likely be the first to get This specific technology.

To begin with, the system will use LED standard along with also LCD screens instead of OLED screens featured on This specific concept.

“, along with also OLED technology not be coming after” LAMPRECHT. “the temperature resistance along with also the life cycle of the screens are not yet on the Audi standards. This specific will take a few years. “

Digital fully implement the fresh dashboard will lay the basis for the system, which will ultimately be able to identify the patterns of use of individual customers along with also customize vehicle functions on them.

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Source: 2017 Audi A8 tipped to use next-gen virtual dashboard technology

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