2017 Audi A6 to get dramatic completely new look

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Source : 2017 Audi A6 to get dramatic completely new look

2017 Audi A6


This specific image shows Autocar How can the next Audi A6 look

Executive fifth type Generale is usually scheduled to arrive in 2017. often be a leader looks more athletic of the completely new A8 as well as also A7 first as well as also

Audi transition to the era of the design of the most dramatic from the next year, starting This specific with the launch of the all-completely new starting Audi A8 as well as also quickly after with the launch of a completely new A7 , A6 as well as also Q8 versions

will be on display look by completely new A8 – which will be moving towards development when This specific turned from the fall of 2017 – as well as also completely new A7 , which will be more overtly sporty as well as also will be revealed in late 2017.

, however, is usually the completely new A6 – via due to launch in early 2018 – which will take the completely new design language, by marc Lichte who joined the company via Volkswagen in February 2014, at the heart led. He hopes Audi leaders of the sporting look dramatically of which the main differences from the battle for sales to be with the more conservative BMW 5 series as well as also more than of which, “Russian doll” design Mercedes current range.

since arriving Lichte has led to the transformation of the design of This specific means of which all Audis are designed around the three pillars of being a sophisticated as well as also sporty as well as also progressive. The key to of which philosophy will be more dramatic entry, sporting look, supported by the company’s heritage with the original Quattro .

2015 Audi introduction to the concept of is usually said to have been designed for post-production versions of A8, was signed A7, A6 as well as also Q8 off as well as also is usually believed to give strong indications on how they will only look. This specific includes the A6 saloon as well as also Avant, with the latter said to combine the generous boot space with the look sexy thanks to hard roofline of which plunges dramatically down a slope very C- column.

as well as also as such, strong, hip Quattro esque more than required to get a look ever more prominent front as well as also rear wheels. This specific will include additional key design elements of the A6 Avant as well as also A6 on the hexagonal single-frame grille as well as also wide, headlights with distinctive angles with LED as well as also hood significantly more heavily contoured graphics. This specific also features a side view of several dramatic lines to give the auto more visual drama.

This specific is usually said of which the completely new A6 to be slightly longer wheelbase, wider tracks as well as also overhangs much shorter than the current car, in order to give This specific the presence of visual sports yet. The completely new design also give This specific a little more Inside space as well as also pave the largest in both the living room as well as also Avant versions, rising via the current 530 liters as well as also 565 liters respectively.

as well as also A8, A7 as well as also A6 are all designed on a platform MLB Volkswagen Group C8 under the codename of the Inside, as well as also all share the same platform, driveline as well as also chassis as well as also electrical systems. As a result, as will A6 is usually equipped as standard with the completely new Inside design for the company, which uses a digital screen from the binnacle instrument, as a leader on the current Audi TT , as well as two touch screens from the center of the dashboard.

as well as also the top of the screen, from the driver’s eyeline, as well as also will include the most commonly used systems such as sat-navigation, while systems such as air-con will be controlled by the lower screen. For once, the screens provide feedback haptic to ensure of which the user carries a sense of hitting the right button. However, physical buttons will be limited to about only half a dozen, as required by law. Emphasizing the sports theme more explicitly, This specific will be touch screen angled towards the driver on mathematical versions including the A7 more powerful.

as well as touchscreens from the completely new Inside design of the A6, A7 as well as also A8 will be dramatically different via today, featuring a clearer look having a move to identify between the different levels. Combined with touch screens from the central region, has been sweeping dash to give the widest cabin design, feel more sophisticated. Reports indicate of which the police A8 may not even be any air vents are clear, although This specific is usually said to be planning A6 as well as also A7 to be more traditional.

one of the physical buttons will control the completely new Artificial Intelligence function of which Audi is usually believed to be developing. This specific will be updated each of these systems by using completely new communication platform of which uses wireless LAN technology to allow for continuous update of traffic conditions to the navigation system as well as also software updates for system control.

This specific completely new platform adopts high proportion of high-strength steel as well as also hot-formed aluminum-reinforced plastic as well as also carbon fiber to reduce weight. According to sources, the entry-level Audi A6 four-pot petrol weighs well under 1535kg of today’s A6 1.8 TFSI.

power sellers size will continue to come via a broad range of four-cylinder engines. Will be four versions of gasoline as well as also diesel today to review these as well as also provide similar outcomes to those used by the completely new A4.

more luxurious as well as also gasoline A6s use the completely new 3.0-liter V6 as well as also 4.0 liter V8 engines sourced via Audi -Porsche “Kovomo” engine joint venture, according to informed sources.

Audi is usually also planning a completely new range of V6 as well as also V8 diesel with turbo-charging electric – Audi technology SQ7 calling her the next

In addition, Audi will give buyers the option -electric A6 gasoline or diesel electric plug-in hybrid system.

Additional reporting by Jim holder

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Source: 2017 Audi A6 to get dramatic completely new look

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