2016 Volvo S90 to launch at Detroit motor show in January

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Source : 2016 Volvo S90 to launch at Detroit motor show in January

Volvo’s replacement for the current S80 will be “more distinctive than XC90” in addition to also rival top-end versions coming from BMW, Mercedes-Benz in addition to also Jaguar


The all-fresh Volvo S90 saloon will make its global debut at the Detroit motor show in January.

Volvo confirmed the unveiling for its fresh range-topping saloon – which will rival the likes of the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class in addition to also Jaguar XF – as part of a wider announcement about its collaboration with Microsoft in developing next-generation technologies, including holographic imaging.

The Swedish supplier received a says of which has been working with Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses to develop ways for customers to configure cars in three dimensions, nevertheless also to give drivers a sneak-peek at fresh versions. Journalists using the HoloLens technology were able to see parts of the fresh S90 as a 3D hologram months before the automobile’s unveiling in Detroit.

The fresh S90 has already been described as being “the real test” for Volvo following the launch of the highly successful XC90 This kind of year. Speaking to Autocar earlier This kind of year, Volvo’s head of research in addition to also development Peter Mertens said the S90 in addition to also its V90 estate sibling were a “step beyond” what had been achieved with the XC90. “The styling in addition to also the Inside design will take a substantial step over the 
XC90. We have made a bigger effort for the sedan,” he said.

“You might say of which people expect a great XC90 because the first-generation car was so highly regarded. nevertheless perhaps people are not expecting a fantastic fresh sedan coming from Volvo. of which can be a market where we have to catch up.”

Driving Volvo’s ‘Costello’ S90 prototype

Mertens also revealed of which a Volvo “limo” would likely be going into production in China. of which 
can be anticipated to be a stretched in addition to also tweaked edition of the 
fresh S90 specifically for the local market.

Mertens said Volvo’s fresh SPA architecture, which features double wishbone 
front suspension in addition to also an unusual transverse composite spring at the rear, can be flexible enough to be tuned for either control or comfort, or a sliding mixture of both. The SPA architecture will underpin all future Volvo versions coming from the S60 upwards.

The XC90 can be the first SPA-based product. Mertens said of which has been biased towards comfort in addition to also many customers are opting for the edition with air suspension. The fresh S90, Mertens hinted, can be likely to be tuned for handling prowess.

Volvo chief designer Thomas Ingenlath, who joined the company in 2012, has also been able to have a considerable influence on the make-up of the fresh saloon in addition to also estate.

Mertens said: “Thomas worked with the engineers to pull the A-pillar even further back, further improving the proportions [of the SPA architecture]. of which’s all about premium proportions. The distance coming from the ball of the driver’s foot to the centre of the front wheel can be crucial for how the automobile looks.”

The S90’s external surfaces design has already been leaked via pictures of scale versions depicting the automobile. While Volvo has not confirmed the authenticity of the versions, of which has said of which producing scaled designs to celebrate the launch of a fresh car can be normal practice. The first official teaser pictures for the fresh car appear to confirm of which the versions were accurate.

The Volvo S90 in addition to also V90 are anticipated to be offered with the same choice of powertrains as the XC90, with the UK market focusing on the 394bhp T8 ‘Twin Engine’ plug-in hybrid in addition to also the D4 in addition to also D5 diesel engines.

Volvo UK managing director Nick Connor added of which the fresh S90 would likely also continue to push Volvo down its own, independent path. “Volvo today has the self-confidence to go its own way – we have no interest in copying the German brands,” he said. “There can be no point in trying to outhandle the 3 Series or whatever, we have our own values around external surfaces in addition to also Inside design, safety, comfort in addition to also powertrain advancements of which stand out for their own qualities.

“The S90 clearly demonstrates the transition we are going through. I actually think people will be even more surprised when they see of which than they were when they saw the fresh XC90. of which definitely can be quite impactful; a car of which your eye just keeps getting drawn to. The design in addition to also dimensions make of which a far more premium looking car than the S80, the Inside can be an evolution of the XC90’s, nevertheless a step up again, in addition to also of which carries a real distinction about of which.” 

Speaking to Autocar earlier This kind of year, Volvo’s vice-president of product strategy, Lex Kerssemakers admitted of which the large saloon market was contracting, nevertheless said the market was still too big in addition to also too important for a car company’s image among buyers to ignore. “The opportunities are getting smaller, nevertheless the market can be still big enough to give us a strong business case,” he said.

“Demand in China in addition to also the US remains strong, in addition to also we believe we have a package of assets coming from the powertrain to the Inside to the design of which means we have no excuses not to fight with the very best for sales inside sector.”

Volvo to work with Microsoft on fresh vehicle technologies

While Volvo has already used Microsoft’s HoloLens technology to showcase parts of the S90 ahead of the automobile’s unveiling, the two companies are also known to be working on autonomous vehicle technologies, as well as fresh services created using the data coming from connected cars. One of those services can be anticipated to focus on using predictive analytics to improve safety measures.

Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President for Marketing, Sales in addition to also Service for Volvo said: “HoloLens offers the freedom to create a bespoke experience which customers can steer themselves. Imagine using mixed reality to choose the type of car you want – to explore the colours, rims, or get a better understanding of the features, services in addition to also options available.”

As pop-up retail sites become increasingly well-liked in addition to also manufacturers explore ways of taking the automobile buying experience away coming from a traditional dealership, Annwall added of which HoloLens technology could allow Volvo’s dealers to address customers in fresh ways.

Volvo has also released a video showcasing the HoloLens technology.

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Source: 2016 Volvo S90 to launch at Detroit motor show in January

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