2016 Twisted T40s review

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you call the V8? This kind of is usually the V8. The answer is usually twisted to the Zulu defender recently reviewed is usually This kind of, the latest creation, along with T40s loopy the idea is usually in response to our recent review of JE Engineering Zulu defender. No sooner had the ink dried on of which phone Autocar not ringing. On the different end was twisted, eager to prove of which JE Engineering is usually not the only shoehorning big V8 engines inside the Land Rover Defenders.along with is usually quite a big V8, too: a 6.2-liter middle finger. To be more precise, the idea’s 6.2 LS3 little-block V8 Chevrolet Corvette, along with different facilities also countless. “Certainly the idea does not fit,” I said, along with raise the hood. “Fits” said Alex Duckett, director of operations at the crooked, beaming smile, was not error “only”; he did not seem to be there, however, the automatic gearbox six-speed 6L80 General Motors, through which pays four wheels. Such as Japanese encephalitis, along with twisted either take your guns along with spruce the idea up, or you can choose one of 240 bought the company before the end of the production defender along with contain the idea, er, Twisted.Our example here is usually probably the most outrageous possible. Twisted has taken the standard 0, the idea emerged unit diesel dropped the V8 to the tune of £ 39,995, which is usually more than the cost of the original donor defender inside the first place.the idea includes a name, too: T40s, despite the fact of which This kind of reflects the level of trim instead the V8 under the hood. As with the defenders JE, along with twisted along with T40, T40s, T60 T80 along with decorations are definitely just a basic guide, because Sir or Madam can pretty much all of which they desire – for a cost to be.
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Source: 2016 Twisted T40s review

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