2016 Toyota Prius confirmed for Frankfurt motor show

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Source : 2016 Toyota Prius confirmed for Frankfurt motor show

Fourth-generation Prius will be the first design to be based on Toyota’s brand new modular architecture


Toyota’s fourth-generation Prius will make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show, the company has confirmed.

These pictures taken of your vehicle last month on a marketing photoshoot reveal a look of which’s been heavily inspired by the Mirai hydrogen design. 

The brand new Prius will go on sale within the UK early next year as well as face competition coming from a brand new generation of family-orientated hybrids coming from the likes of Hyundai as well as Kia.

Underpinning the next-generation Prius is actually Toyota’s brand new Global Architecture (TNGA). Unveiled in March of This specific year, the brand new modular platform is actually essentially a kit of “lighter, more compact” components which will be used for a range of front as well as rear-wheel drive vehicles coming from the Japanese company.

Toyota says the brand new architecture will make its products stiffer as well as lighter, as well as allowing This specific to mount engines lower down. The result should be cars of which ride as well as handle better as well as provide improved upon safety as well as better fuel economy.

As well as the added benefits to drivers, the manufacturing costs associated with building cars on the brand new platform are understood to be dramatically lower. Investment in a TNGA-based car is actually around 40% lower than on a similar design coming from 2008. This specific’s understood of which the money saved by the brand new platform will be re-invested in brand new vehicle technologies, which could include autonomous driving systems.

The first early-stage Prius test mules were spotted as far back as 2013. They appeared to show of which the brand new Prius might adopt a more conventional instrument cluster than the all-digital unit used by the current third-generation car.

More recent spy pictures of the Internal, however, confirm of which the brand new Prius will still use an all-digital array, nevertheless will feature updated software as well as graphics. A sleeker centre console design can also be seen, alongside a larger central screen for the infotainment system.

Powertrain options for the brand new Prius have yet to be revealed, nevertheless This specific’s likely to be offered with an evolution of today’s hybrid set-up, which combines a 1.8-litre petrol engine with an electric motor to produce a combined 134bhp as well as up to 76mpg. Power is actually channeled through a CVT. As with today’s car, both conventional as well as plug-in hybrid options will be offered.

Speaking to an Australian news website last year, sources close to Toyota were quoted as saying the company was targetting a 10% improvement in fuel economy – suggesting the brand new design will be capable of returning up to 84mpg.

The same source also claimed the next-generation Prius might come with nickel-metal hydride batteries as standard, nevertheless a lithium ion battery pack might be optional. 

Given the versatility of Toyota’s brand new platform, This specific’s safe to assume of which a replacement for the larger, seven-seat Prius+ will be planned for later within your vehicle’s life cycle.

The brand new Prius will enjoy only a few months of sales in Europe next year before brand new rivals begin to fight for hybrid supremacy. Among the brand new generation of products is actually a dedicated Hyundai hybrid, which has already been spotted testing as well as will go on sale in Europe by the end of next year. A concept car previewing This specific design is actually likely to be seen at the Frankfurt motor show.

Hyundai’s sister brand Kia is actually also planning a dedicated hybrid design as well as has pledged to have its car on the road by the end of next year.

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Source: 2016 Toyota Prius confirmed for Frankfurt motor show

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