2016 Toyota Hilux – prices, specs as well as on-sale date

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Source : 2016 Toyota Hilux – prices, specs as well as on-sale date

entirely brand new Toyota pick-up as well as promises to improve the lot of the drive as well as improve the economy before July’s launch


every brand new Toyota Hilux, the best-selling pick-up truck in Europe, will arrive inside the UK in July, armed with plenty of reducing diesel engines more efficient as well as a more solid structure, as well as. More premium cars such as the internal SUV

cost tag of £ 19 177 (excluding VAT, as well as is actually sold as a commercial), will be offered Hilux in three bodystyles: Single cabin, four-seater extra compartment, as well as a few seats double cabin .

engine unit is actually an all-brand new 2.4-liter turbodiesel. the item is actually smaller than the 3.0-liter diesel Hilux inside the past, yet has much better rotational torque as well as economy in fuel consumption. the item produces 148bhp as well as 295 lb-ft of 1600-2000rpm. A six-speed manual transmission is actually standard, that has a six-speed automatic is actually optional on the double cab versions. In most of the form of fuel efficiency (one cabin with manual transmission) economy is actually 41.5mpg as well as CO2 emissions are 178g / km.

as well as Hilux, which compete with the likes of Ford Ranger , Volkswagen Amarok , Mitsubishi L200 as well as Nissan Navara , the item is actually at This specific point inside the eighth generation, the item is actually considered widely as a leader inside the auto to go anywhere for durability as well as reliability. Chief engineer Hiroki Nakajima referred to “hardness”, particularly with regard to the day-to-day use, as well as the thing worked his team for the most much better inside the brand new type.

as well as as such, Hilux was to make the item more SUVs like to give the item a broader appeal,.

is actually based on the structure of the brand new ladder which is actually 20% more than the previous Hilux. Toyota says the brand new Hilux has been tuned to improve handling more leadership as well as stability as much, as well as much better NVH. Suspension of the bones is actually double wishbone at the front as well as leaf springs at the rear. the item has been revised to improve the travel wheel (up 20%), as well as improving the ability to pull up to 3.5 tons (by the end of 2016, 3.2 tons at all).

has been formed

as well as bodywork of strong yet lightweight high-tensile steel, the number of spot welds inside the Centeng has almost doubled by the old Hilux to 288 to further improve rigidity.

packed convertible four-wheel drive Hilux also with the help of electronic driver as well as safety systems. Included is actually a pitch system as well as bounce control to stop those inside the cabin of being bounced around on the road surfaces are broken, as well as a full range of deception to promote the rugged performance of ways, including the control system inside the active traction which individual wheel brake as they lose traction as well as sends torque to the wheels that will the item carries a grip. In fact, Toyota Hilux claims at This specific point has the ability to off-road Land Cruiser.

This specific desire to be more SUVs like only comes to alterations inside the Centeng, chassis as well as suspension to improve ride as well as handling, yet also to the inside, a plusher as well as much technology Laden by the former the Hilux.

more spacious cabin, she would certainly have been reduced to NVH passenger car levels. Toyota also increased the surface of the shipping as well as Hilux size as well as Ojolha as well as tailgate stronger. Blankets as well as rollers are different-Lock can add options.


four trim to buyers inside the United Kingdom levels: Active, symbol, invincible, as well as invincible X. cabin one products additional cabin available only in trim the base, while the excellent group gets leather upholstery as well as sat navigation in multimedia system upgrade. as well as the item provides alloy measuring 17in as well as 18 in Qatar.

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Source: 2016 Toyota Hilux – prices, specs as well as on-sale date

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