2016 Toyota C-HR – first ride

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C-HR sits down brand new RAV4 SUV, along with on first impressions, you should set a brand new standard for driving dynamics Toyota


looks impossible to avoid the corner of the latest crossover Toyota, along with C- HR . along with the item stands out among its competitors, along with the item is actually clear that will via the beginning, was designed C-HR to look different to any additional Toyota for sale.

the item does that will job well, so much to ensure some of the current Toyota Group – in particular the biggest RAV4 – today seem outdated

most of the Internal of the auto is actually kept secret for the time being because the final development, he continues. However, mounted, large screen brand new central media along with high on the dashboard is actually hard to miss.

comfortable seats, along with there is actually the same position sitting high along with the general Great along with the clarity of the role I’ve come to expect via SUVs. via the rear seats, along with there are a lot of adult allocated to the feet of space, although taller passengers may find themselves brushing against the sloping roof of the auto.

leadership of the C-HR engineer, Hiro Koba, kicks off in that will guide along with two-wheel drive 1.2-liter petrol type. the item is actually required to be the second most favorite C-HR after a 1.8-liter hybrid that will form. the item will be offered a larger 2.0-liter edition in markets such as Russia, where they are prized displacement along with overall reliability on fuel economy, yet Toyota has not been that will engine submission to the United Kingdom because of its high CO2 emissions.

, along with plug-in hybrid edition – based on the same technology that will is actually already included inside the Prius – the item is actually possible, the item seems, yet not part of the immediate plans of Toyota

benchmarked against the VW Golf [

along with driving dynamics of that will type is actually 0% representative of the last car, says Cuba. Development of the Toyota team along with measure the performance of the auto against a variety of major car, including Audi Q3 along with Volkswagen Golf , whereas the item was like directing their feelings on that will Skoda Yeti .

takes our part of the country roads along with urban streets paved with gravel. along with C-HR feels well planted on the road, with the transformation of a narrow circle due to its size. There is actually still work to be done when the item comes to the item NVH (noise, vibration along with harshness), Cuba recognizes, along with certainly there are more than its fair share of wind noise inside the cabin – not thanks to the camouflage wrap applied to our test car.

Cuba puts 1.2-liter engine through its paces on the open road. the item whines a little, yet feels strong enough to pull the C-HR without a lot of effort, at least moderate speeds. Cuba says he wants to higher capacity engines, including turbo-see 2.0-liter variant, make their way to C- human resources at some point.

along with we get to especially impressive array of bends, Cuba set foot down, along with the item is actually clear that will area of ​​performance is actually where Toyota engineers focused. along with C-HR feels as capable as any hatchback here, along with as we ascend the French hills, along with C-HR turns into corners well, along which has a sense of balance along with well controlled.

braking force to come quickly along with evenly, along with the ride is actually supple along with comfortable even over broken surfaces. Our car test his wheels 18in – again, that will is actually likely to be the best-selling inside the UK – option, although the smaller wheels 17in will also be available

guide preferably

We also try a type with the same engine 1.2-liter in combination with the CVT transmission traffic. Toyota engineers insist on sticking with the CVT units, although the conventional mechanism along with dual-clutch automatic rifles Gear Boxes can be more smoothly. At the time who feels more at home in a C-HR than the item does inside the hatchback Oris , along with we were still guide recommends. In fact, that will is actually Cuba’s preference as well.

along with we go out along with take that will opportunity to open the boot. Buyers will be able to choose via a basement boot or tertiary option here, along with there are 370 liters of space on offer with the rear seats in place – more than Nissan Juke in 354 liters, yet a bit far away via the Qashqai in 430 liters. Groups can also rear projection forward to raise cargo space.

he can be said that will C-HR has some of the best driving dynamics of any modern Toyota. the item feels remarkably like a hatchback – a compliment to any type in that will category

The only problem is actually, the rest of the fleet Toyota, especially aging products such as the RAV4, along with the struggle to live up to their level

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Source: 2016 Toyota C-HR – first ride

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