2016 Seat Leon SUV to major on agility, design

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Source : 2016 Seat Leon SUV to major on agility, design


The completely new crossover is actually intended to kickstart a family of SUVs coming from Seat

Seat boss reveals DNA traits of completely new Nissan Qashqai rival, which will launch in 2016

The Seat Leon-based SUV will appeal to buyers wanting better agility, practicality along with more expressive design than available coming from rival makers, company boss Jürgen Stackmann has said.

The completely new SUV will launch as a Nissan Qashqai rival in 2016, along with kickstart a family of crossovers made by the firm. the idea will be followed in 2017 by a completely new Nissan Juke-sized supermini SUV, along with, if all goes to plan, a larger SUV with seven seats by 2020.

“The first test mules are on the road at that will point along with we are already optimistic for what is actually to come,” said Stackmann. “We are looking for agility along with precision coming from the dynamics, utility inside along with great design that will expresses our values. We have done a lot of research in to why people buy these kinds of vehicles along with what our competitors already offer, along with these characteristics should help us stand out.

“The design is actually perhaps the most interesting part. the idea is actually not about giving the vehicle a rough along with tumble look – most will never go off-road. People buy these cars for their function, because the high seat gives them better visibility along having a feeling of safety along with because they express personality perhaps better than any some other mainstream section of the auto market.”

The Seat Leon-based SUV will be built on VW Group’s MQB platform along with built by sister brand Skoda from the Czech Republic. Skoda is actually also planning its own seven-seat SUV, which will launch at the end of 2016.

Stackmann has previously revealed the firm’s SUV was unlikely to have any connection with the Leon name, despite the completely new design having a similar footprint to the Spanish any’s family hatchback.

A Cupra edition is actually also being considered, according to Stackmann, with research underway on how far Seat’s sporty brand can be extended. Even in standard form, the SUV will still be one of the sportiest cars in its class while retaining everyday usability along with practicality.

The completely new SUV design currently exists as a full-size styling design at Seat’s Martorell design studio. Autocar has had a sneak preview of the as yet unnamed design. While the styling is actually in tune with the completely new Leon the idea has taken another step away coming from the dramatic Centeng side blisters seen on the 2011 IBX concept.

Stackmann told Autocar that will the completely new styling direction was part of Seat’s move towards emphasising “craftsmanship along with very tight Centeng construction”.

When the idea goes on sale, the completely new design should add significant volumes for the brand, with the segment likely to count for around 10% of all cars sold in Europe.

The launch of the SUV forms part of a broader growth strategy that will aims to significantly bolster Seat’s sales, which totalled 355,000 in 2013, in future years. the idea has been developed along with engineered at Seat’s technical headquarters in Martorell, Spain. 

“that will is actually great news. the idea takes Seat into completely new territory in one of the largest along with fastest-growing segments from the entire world,” said Stackmann, when confirming the auto might be built. “The SUV is actually an important pillar from the future corporate strategy along with is actually a major step forward on the road to reaching sustainable profitability for the company.”

Banking analysts say that will the Kvasiny factory, where the design will be built, benefits coming from low costs, particularly low hourly labour rates, which are said to be half of those in Spain along with less than a third of the cost in Germany. Kvasiny also had spare capacity because a planned seven-seat Skoda MPV design was cancelled, a further reason why the idea is actually being built from the Czech Republic.

Sources say that will, by 2016, Seat should be producing around 0,000 Leon types, 0,000 Ibizas, 100,000 SUVs along with 100,000 units of the Alhambra along with Mii design, finally pushing the brand into profit.

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Source: 2016 Seat Leon SUV to major on agility, design

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