2016 Seat Ateca vs Nissan Qashqai

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Seat Ateca vs Nissan Qashqai The Nissan Qashqai crossover record since its launch. ATECA and also also also can be the first four-seat car and also also also pay. and also also also a foregone conclusion? Do not bet on which


for 10 years Qashqai had entrances inside the country as a medium loaf cut into slices white bread can be her baskets. Everywhere. Necessary. standard. Make sure what you get, which made a generation of young families and also also also the British-made April almost a default option. which has provided us using a very standard. The one we have been used to measure virtually every affordable crossover which followed in its wake.

Usually, all have been found wanting. Qashqai has not proven the best because which was the first or cheap or even brilliant openly, although because he was a savvy blend of practicality, efficiency, functionality and also also also reduced desire. While April loves credited to the pros half spark of originality which helped establish the gravy train sector inside the industry, and also also also which was a real victory for the care of a balanced appeal intelligently form inside the decade following its introduction.

which can be possible although which was which none of the competition at the time they may be enormous, such as a brand-new seat ATECA. True, the Spanish company has never built an SUV in any bar before – until the parent company’s efforts, the mighty Volkswagen Group, incomplete – although the latest type promises to be somewhat different. Supported MQB platform, and also also also ATECA features a large range of idealism, and also also also offers of suitable size for communication and also also also close relationships, and also also also only inside the last week and also also also described its sister car, the Volkswagen Tiguan, the compact SUV final.

of course, the idea of ​​high Wolfsburg family car rides, and also also also comes with the value of the match: Major R- line Tiguan costing at least £ 7K more than the most expensive Qashqai. although seat edition, which began through just under £ 18K, clearly priced Nissan dealers cause some discomfort. For the same £ 27K buy you trim-occupies first place, two-wheel-drive 128bhp Qashqai Tekna, you can have a 148bhp, four-wheel-drive ATECA Xcellence abundant inside the form of both them.

seems to be part too. As hewn Qashqai current artfully helmet as a Trojan horse, although which can be a competitor – even when he was the first on the beach left a prostitute – which seems no less attractive in existence. Horizontal lines demure rather than Tiguan greatly benefit through the wet honing used apparently in Barcelona design studio seat to sharpen up mud VW. ATECA and also also also slightly shorter than in April, although which can be marginally wider and also also also longer, as well. Both cars get a uniform standard jewelry Cross (metal roof, fog lamps and also also also a clear, strong plastic rods sills infrastructure) and also also also offers both all important comfort raised flowerbed entry step up.

within each of payments continue to use off. Both are family-sized cars as well. Absorb twice the growing suffering through pain inside the back of the necessary, and also also also when ATECA offers a little more room chairman, and also also also there can be no desire. Differentiation occurs inside the marginal gains: seat, courtesy of its doors can be the background, which can be easier to get in and also also also out of. April sports to divide compliment load floor of the Negotiable two of the division of the transport system level.

boot space ATECA claimed can be greater than 55 liters a year Qashqai, and also also also which provides alone the reins of the rear of the vehicle which break down the rear seats without the need for a return trip to the cabin. In Victory real stowage comes even though the center of a wider victory in advance, where he excels fiddling equipped with 12-volt center console cubby April using a bucket-enhancing antenna before the gearbox can be able to swallow, not only on the smartphone oversized, although also shipping through one of the two USB ports.

hollow viable type for the benefit and also also also ATECA wonderful. Qashqai has been praised by the quality of the work environment and also also also put the keys inside the cabin, estimated obviously regularity on style, although gets a seat on the MQB architecture police, raising its design to an ideal level. To experience the driving position and also also also determine intuitive sites supernatural through all major controls can be to realize too late which Nissan perches you a little too high, with long gear lever unnecessarily and also also also gangly, -assabh to adjust the steering wheel.

and also also also ATECA, while maintaining most brilliantly sports seat implicit hidden under a bushel, can be a bit more forgiving driver. High thwart convince you which you are sat on the bottom more supportive seats, faced with smaller steering wheel and also also also stubbiness loved by gearbox throw much shorter. Responsibility here on the ease of use of acute after the official apparently, despite the rise over April extends to the highest degree of plastic cut the cost which the seat can be called up to wearing the strap with too.

creeping feeling of greater emphasis evolution by turn of the key. The challenge through the outside, yet completely suppressed the familiar diesel 2.0-liter engine ATECA to develop a background hum internally by the sound deadening. The Qashqai, and also also also the chug of the telltale own 1.6-liter oil burner more audible at idle and also also also much louder than a larger 1.5-liter movement sale. Best performance inside the heart of the unity of 128bhp, although which does not necessarily always measure to the headquarters of the pungent – despite the large demand feature weight

some of the extra bulk of ATECA can be useful; attributed as can be the case in all-wheel-drive 4MOTION system . With the rear axle chiming in on-demand, which was enough gumption car inside the wet day to post 9.2sec 0-60mph time. which can be also evident through the front engine 10.5sec Qashqai in a better effort. In April, which should be noted, do not make the four-wheel-drive type, although does not sell many inside the United Kingdom, which claims 0-60mph time even slower because of This specific Discharge.

in gear, low curb weight qashqai, the shorter a little bit of air conditioning and also also also the lack of torque can be negligible (production presented only 15lb less than one seat), do not end up paying dividends. Qashqai has proved only the immediate, such as more powerful ATECA of 30-50mph in third place, and also also also through 50mph to 70mph in fifth place, and also also also which was a full second faster. This specific Tractability burning oil did not develop until after the brisk efficiency, although which can be the key to the appeal of a wider Nissan also undertakes the automobile’s ability benign pressure though

This specific which will do without carelessly and also also also without complaint; balance respectable and also also also stability obliging and also also also guidance progressive amicably all part of the reason why I found a lot of buyers switching through smooth hatchback family. Disliked qashqai embarrassment and also also also management amiable to roll high still axis at the heart of its appeal, and also also also the tolerant do in general, loose with the ride quality of the parties which maintain the suspension of the apparent loaded improperly, even during cornering, while the feeling of pornographic benign in any Elsewhere.

This specific unflappable, character unfussy (Mr. Normal, I’ve described before) provided the current cursor Cross for at least the life cycle, which makes a romp in ATECA away through which a B- road all the more urgent. Transfer athlete to light the highest specifications Lyon supposed to be a dynamic seat obstacle. What may result in a car lovable glumly does not increase the Audi Q3.

, although which did not do so. Instead, the negative 19in wheels and also also also suspension, which includes a more sophisticated multi-link rear axle, which comes with all-wheel-drive, and also also also compromise in ATECA seems striking experience. Providing not only more insightful experience, although one of the best in all respects as well. As expected, the automobile appeared more entrenched than lighter and also also also lazier Qashqai – yet which’s also damped more very consistent, on surfaces where afflicting rival contemplating how best to settle, seat solves the average Said almost immediately


when you get the biggest obstacles (or deeper) April which seems longer spring travel more prominent and also also also tires do provide a more tolerant attitude to influence, although even ATECA preparing to intelligently sense to be a little more pinched barely registers. This specific helped no end by the fact which the function of the phones run her quieter equipment to a large extent.

when the road genuinely do not open which, the seat feature can be unambiguous. which can be significantly faster, faster to guide, endowed with more grip, and also also also at higher speeds, guards its highest-sided lean more ruthlessly. As a result, apart through being a pleasing way common allergies in most MQB types, can be much faster, flatter in turn, followed by the satisfaction of knowing which out very excited could not be in control of the stability verification of the rotation for unloading inside the wheel as can be sometimes the case in qashqai.

while redolent talent for the ride and also also also handling using a trade-off defies physics which have been achieved through the SUV much more expensive inside the past 10 years (a great compliment in itself), the broader superiority ATECA brings reality to mind the effect on class city ​​car made by Volkswagen until 2011. inside the end, are not submitted to outdo seat on originality, size, cost, or even operating costs (as opposed to qashqai, there can be no option of sub-100G / km).

Instead, like a father, which can be a sharp improvement inside the well-reasoned and also also also convincing on what you feel under your fingertips, what you see and also also also what you hear and also also also, inside the end, and also also also how to achieve which can be to sit in and also also also directing. In all, the seat can be to promote measurable recipe basic common sense Qashqai – not less clear which white bread solution to the need for the family, although clearly one better stocked with omega-3, the seed of wheat, fiber and also also also vitamins and also also also all some other additives are necessary to create a class desire -apart. and also also also to overcome the market share of Qashqai to be difficult, although given a seat inside the ATECA the best possible start in life.

ATECA seat 2.0 TDI 4Drive XCELLENCE – 4.5 / 5 Stars

cost £ 27425, engine four cyls, 1968cc , turbo, and also also also diesel fuel. strength 148bhp at 3500rpm. torque 251lb ft at 1750rpm. box six-speed manual. sidewalk weight 1548kg. Maximum speed 122mph. 0-62mph 9.0sec. Economics 57.6mpg (combined). band CO2 / tax 128G / km 0.22%

[19,459,008 Nissan Qashqai 1.6 DCI Tekna – 4/5 stars

cost £ 27160, engine four cyls, 1598cc, turbo, diesel fuel. strength 128bhp at 4000rpm. torque 236lb ft at 1750rpm. box six-speed manual. sidewalk weight 1419kg. Maximum speed 118mph. 0-62mph 9.9sec. Economics 61.4mpg (combined). band CO2 / tax 120G / km 0.21%

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Source: 2016 Seat Ateca vs Nissan Qashqai

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