2016 Renault Scenic makes world debut in Geneva

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Source : 2016 Renault Scenic makes world debut in Geneva

fourth generation of the MPV edges toward crossover hit a completely new design


Renault may pulled the wraps of its amazing all-completely new in exhibition Geneva .

design of the fourth generation is actually characterized by completely new design striking along with inflation rates, with Renault claims the idea moved across in a whole completely new segment, which is actually located on the MPV along with transition layers.

along with scenic completely new inherits much of the design philosophy seen on the concept of space R- 2011 , which confused the lines of the traditional MPV with the position along with the presence of the intersection. Although the idea’s bigger than the old car, hanging a short wheels 20in – which is actually the level setting across the group – helps to create the illusion of which landscaped the completely new scenery is actually actually fit more tautly

Renault says the idea has worked hard to ensure of which the position of the vehicle just right, because he wanted to inject flare along with style from the completely new design. Two things of which were lacking recognizes the Mk3 Kyi. At first glance, the idea seems certain of which the job is actually done, with the wheels pushed out sleek roofline gives Scenic more powerful than the much attitude.


optional extras to the outside of the vehicle include LED, diamond cut alloy wheels along with two-tone paint – which sees the ceiling painted in a contrasting coloring. The list includes 10 coloring options several bold colors, confirming its intention to beautify Renault Scenic along having a picture.

have been implemented

This kind of focus on the design of the Inside, where the dashboard along with hugging driver creates a feeling more like cockpit- Inside. Drivers who want more airy cabin, part of the center console can be opened, while the full length of a fixed panoramic roof extends the point of view to the outside world.

whole cabin is actually much larger than the feeling of the premium of which the outgoing car, with plastic soft to the touch along with the final trim also give Scenic clout to compete with the more expensive designs. Renault says the idea wants Scenic to appeal to drivers who want both style along with practicality in their car, along having a wide window of customization along with offering to cater to different tastes.

There are two USB charging ports, all designs apart via the base car to get two digital projectors. One is actually touching the vertical 8.7in located on the center console floating car (featuring information along with entertainment system R- Link 2 car), along with the various other is actually horizontal viewing 7in who sits behind the wheel, taking place via traditional dials. Head-up display is actually also included on these designs.

boot along with scenic can swallow 572 liters of luggage, nevertheless can be accessed more space when the rear seat is actually folded 60:40 split. Optional single folding touch can reduce rear seats electronically via the touch of a button from the boot, or through information along with entertainment system from the vehicle.

engine having a completely new scenic will have a choice of six diesel engines along with two petrols. Diesel made via units of which produce movement between 94bhp along with 158 bhp, having a hybrid design to assist from the mix, while the petrols 113bhp along with produces 128 bhp.

did not publish figures the economy as of yet, although the use of various other Renault designs as an example, we expect as much as 70mpg combined to be on offer via diesel.

according to the criteria Scenic comes having a six-speed manual gearbox. A six-speed dual-clutch automatic is actually available with the DCI engine for the mid-spec 108bhp, while the vehicle seven-speed double clutch available exclusively with diesel stronger.

car uses the latest disclosure of Renault’s active braking systems in emergency situations along with pedestrians, which operate at speeds between 4mph along with 99 mph. the idea also features adaptive cruise control, which can keep track of traffic speeds between 25mph along with 99 mph, along with lane departure warning.

Inside there are six airbags, along with fatigue detection system works to prevent warning drivers to sleep in. Wheel

pricing though after of which revealed, we expect having a completely new scenic to be priced via about £ 21,000 – £ 500 more than the outgoing car. of which’s what makes the idea a much higher MPVs CNN traditional segment, such as £ 18,395 Ford C-Max , along with the edges toward the line of fire via the Exclusive designs such as the £ 23310 series BMW 2 Active Tourer

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Source: 2016 Renault Scenic makes world debut in Geneva

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