2016 Renault Clio facelift to get Mégane-like features

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Source : 2016 Renault Clio facelift to get Mégane-like features

2016 Renault Clio completely new lights, grille in addition to bumpers make up the bulk of the French Foreign updates hatchback


in addition to Renault Cleo was due to beautify This particular year’s operations. These images of the prototype testing in southern Europe provide a first glimpse of the adjustments we can expect.

camouflaged headlights of This particular hatchback MK4 updated, however insiders say the units feature a design of three slice of home in addition to indicators inside the form of C, in addition to simulate the appearance of completely new Megan , however with the completion of more subtle.

The completely new Clio will also include a grille in which runs inside the headlights like Megan has. At the same time, the front fenders are different by the current Clio, with fog lights are located to get out of the bottom barrier.

adjustments at the back, however is usually less significant, however is usually anticipated to feature a different internal taillights completely new car designs.

we did not rush into the completely new vehicle’s Indoor, however because of the light updates applied to the outside design seems likely in which overall view cabin will be the same. The biggest adjustments may come inside the form of different trim finishes in addition to more programs up-to-date information systems in addition to in-car entertainment.

Thus remained

Renault so quiet about technical adjustments to the Clio, however in which is usually believed in which This particular update will not only be a simple one. This particular means in which in which is usually likely in which the current car engine options remain. in which consists of diesel engines in addition to four-cylinder gasoline. Reports have indicated in which the drivetrain light diesel hybrid vehicles can be added, however Autocar sources of these allegations are baseless believed [19459006[

is usually anticipated to arrive inside the roads later This particular year 2016 Renault Clio – probably in late at what time This particular summer – the cost of about £ 11145, as is usually the outgoing car. in which includes rivals Ford Fiesta , Volkswagen Polo in addition to Next Nissan Micra , which is usually due to a major overhaul inside the fifth generation.

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Source: 2016 Renault Clio facelift to get Mégane-like features

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