2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé: first ride

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Source : 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé: first ride

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé ride in addition to also take a ride inside fresh drive four-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe as This specific prepares to take over BMW X4 in addition to also Porsche McCann


we introduced the GLC Coupe, the latest addition to Mercedes-Benz ‘s line-up, inside name nicely Center of excellence on the outskirts of Stuttgart, where the most valuable customers comes to identify in addition to also collect their cars.

parked on the patio of the offer luxurious lounge, a prototype pre-production phase of the high-riding lifted a four-door features a back disguise minimum just a little over a week ago BMW X4 competitor makes its world first time in fresh York gallery .

was originally planned inside guise of a concept car at the Shanghai Expo 2015, there were no big surprises when we get the document for the very first time. As expected, some of the flourishes design concept car more visible has eased its way to production.

However, the GLC Coupe, which goes under the internal codename C253, boasts assertive appearance impressively with the heavy of the most GLC SUV process of stylistic influences. This specific is usually produced in both the Mercedes-Benz Bremen plant in Germany.

in addition to also as you would certainly expect, the shares GLC Coupe a distinctive mechanical package with the GLC. However, the only common Centeng panels are the engine, front wings, doors in addition to also the lower lid. The rest of the Centeng is usually unique.

sporty design in addition to also brothers in

in addition to also its external design through the front end seems confident, that has a bold grille, bumper organized in addition to also decorated a large headlights graphics. yet at a glance, where he set fire to the windscreen, strongly plunging roofline in addition to also shallow glasshouse respond to the maximum extent possible, that will the nature of sports through Mercedes-Benz has been emphasized as a whole.

along with the therapy integrated nicely column the C-, in addition to also sloping tailgate-style liftback in addition to also high adjust the rear deck, under the cover of GLC Coupe arguably more attractive than a big brother, in addition to also GLE Coupe .

more than design, although This specific is usually a self-assured attitude that will leaves a mark. Sitting on 20-inch wheels shod with optional combination of personal 255/45 front in addition to also 285/40 rear tires generous, This specific seems that will Mercedes-Benz is usually preparing nice.

in addition to also GLC Coupe 76MM stretch out GLC SUV 4736mm due to the accumulation is usually back. Windscreen raked inside largest in addition to also relatively shallow glasshouse also make them less than 40MM closely related brothers in 1600mm.

continues familiarity we climb inside. This specific is usually brought to the cabin in addition to also all the decorations in different parts of the GLC SUV without any obvious change. This specific’s stylish driving environment, featuring a heavy stylistic links with that will of the latest C-Class . yet despite the common home, there’s more sporting feel to This specific thanks to the GLC Coupe to lower 40MM in front headroom.

line the ceiling sink means alterations inside rear quarters in an attempt to provide enough rear headroom seat in addition to also boot space. “We’ve lowered the seat cushion, which is usually 10MM in addition to also the rest of the afternoon set in a more upright angle than This specific is usually inside GLC SUV”, says a large Mercedes-Benz engineers Michael Kelz. Boot space has also suffered inside transition, though, This specific is usually the Mercedes-Benz did not disclose by how much.

three different options for the structure of

entrances of the Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart factory in addition to also wide on public roads for the very first time, Kelz reveals the GLC Coupe comes with three different chassis options. “The basic There are alternative spring steel in addition to also optional air traffic control Centeng variant with air Double Springs – both of which are shared with GLC SUV yet with unique tuning of its kind. In addition, we have added an alternative spring steel that has a control variable damping, which we call the vital Supervisory Board” he says.

The latter include follow-up on the form a group we are riding in is usually scheduled to take such as changing working on GLC SUV later This specific year, because This specific offers a choice between three different levels of hardening of the damper system via the drive select Mercedes-Benz: .. comfort, sport in addition to also sport plus

to switch between three modes, in addition to also GLC Coupe feels more firmly grounded than GLC SUV. Due to the high riding generous, in addition to also Centeng control is usually very neat. He feels nicely connected to the bottom when loaded inside corners in addition to also resists floating on the undulating section of black head with impressive composure.

in addition to also the ride quality is usually also very Great with the absorption commendable in addition to also excellent refinement of properties, although the German roads we encountered were usually unpaved surface, so definitive conclusions will have to wait until we get to drive This specific inside UK later This specific year.

have been focused

additional alterations to the leadership. In line with efforts to provide him feel more athletic than the sister style newly introduced, in addition to also GLC Coupe, electrical in addition to also mechanical creation gets more directly through the GLC SUV ratio at 16.2: 1 vs. 15.1: 1. Kelz insists there are the added response in addition to also increase the speed in line with the athlete summary inside fresh style.

we have to take the word head of Mercedes-Benz engineer to handle at the moment, although the style GLC Coupe managed to isolate some ways more difficult on our run through the Black Forest with striking agility. There are a lot of mid-corner grip the underlying properties inside four-wheel drive system to provide outstanding traction when the engine of the bends.

choose the same engines as the GLC

in addition to also GLC Coupe will be available through the beginning of sales inside United Kingdom with the same mounting option longitudinally engines spokesman GLC recently launched. Included unit diesel 2.0-liter petrol with 201bhp coupe in GLC 250 as well as a turbo diesel 2.2-liter that will develops 168bhp at GLC 220 d Coupe in addition to also 201 bhp gutsier in GLC 250 d Coupe.

Both engines come mated to a nine-speed 9G- Tronic automatic gearbox excellent Mercedes-Benz includes a column mounted transmission lever in addition to also 4 MATIC wheel drive system as standard equipment – a move that will reflects sales that will have already been taken with the GLC strategy

shortly after launch during the fourth quarter of 2016, will be joined by four more engines of the lineup. Among them is usually a variation of the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine with 242bhp tuned more severe, as used by the GLC 300 Coupe style, we rode in.

in addition to also will be joined by the diesel 3.0-liter diesel V6 with 254bhp inside GLC 350 D coupe in addition to also 3.0-liter unit V6 gasoline Twin Turbo with 362bhp inside GLC 43 Coupe range-topping set by the auto’s performance division AMG Mercedes-Benz.

alternative to the continuation of the German maker of car engine, will be the fresh high-riding four-door liftback is usually available that has a plug-in gasoline in addition to also electricity are also hybrid system. Similar to those unveiled in E 350 e , This specific combines a 2.0-liter gasoline engine turbo four-cylinder in addition to also an electric motor to produce a total system of 275 bhp at GLC 350 e Coupe.

looking to broaden its appeal, Mercedes-Benz says This specific also plans to offer GLC Coupe engine inside rear wheel cover, although only in combination with selected engines in addition to also with the standard six-speed manual gearbox.

stronger units gasoline 2.0-liter turbo provides X4 in addition to also McCann rival with more than adequate performance. There is usually a considerable amount of stitches inside lower end of the rev range inside lower gears, thanks to an abundance of torque at not much more than the idle 800rpm. In sport in addition to also sport plus modes, in addition to also also GLC coupe in addition to also sport features a memorandum of recognition also opens the exhaust flap to enhance the size in addition to also providing distinctive tone coarse under load.

we will have to wait until the planned unveiling at the fresh York next week before the official Discharge of performance claims, despite the fresh Mercedes-Benz already seems on the verge of building on the success of GLC SUV. When This specific hits the UK later This specific year, we expect GLC Coupe prices start around £ 37,000.

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Source: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé: first ride

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