2016 Lotus Elise Cup 250

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Source : 2016 Lotus Elise Cup 250

Lotus Elise Cup 250 fastest, most focused in addition to also most expensive track Elise ever. of which’s simple, crude in addition to also just how immersive the optimal path is actually the brand-new Lotus Elise 250 Cup? Consider This specific the opener, behind the wheels Aero exciting in addition to also wonderful brand-new forged, so you do not get on the roof as standard. Sure, of which can be optioned at no additional cost, yet of which shows clearly the intention of Lotus with This specific car. If you want Elise to the hard drive on the road in addition to also track, This specific is actually the automobile of which need.Beyond obvious adjustments, in addition to also there are amending details countless to make the Cup 250 cars much faster than the 220 Cup to replace him. Perhaps the most notable is actually the brand-new front tires, super sticky Yokohama AO48 195/50 section at This specific point used instead of 175/55 used before. This specific is actually a huge amount more rubber on the tiny car. Optimal more dynamic comes courtesy of moisturizers Bilstein, EIBACH springs, AFP Racing calipers front in addition to also met brake adjustable front anti-roll focus bar.With Lotus CEO Jean-Marc storms “unwavering on generating the brand-new Lotus products slender as possible, in addition to also of which Elise has also been through a light laboratory weight Hethel to save kg. to This specific end, the lithium battery of brand-new ion shed 10kg, seats in addition to also carbon 6KG in addition to also those wheels 1.5KG else. better wear your jumper thin when driving, in addition to also then, just to make the best of of which. 250 experience full Cup – in addition to also mirror the automobile seen here – must also be optioned carbon aero package. of which replaces the traitor standard front, rear wing, diffuser in addition to also floor extensions with the substantia nigra, in addition to also provide 10kg.In another smaller form Cup Elise 250 weighs 921kg, which is actually not a big deal for the 243 bhp to stimulate the length of B- road. Lotus claims the time of 0-62mph of 3.9 seconds – easily ratification due to the traction wonderful – in addition to also a top speed of 154mph. more tellingly, of which was 4.0sec faster than the very rapid previously Cup 220 on the Lotus test track. in fact in 32sec 1min, This specific Elise few laps as fast as a much stronger Exige V6 S.
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Source: 2016 Lotus Elise Cup 250

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