2016 Jaguar F-Pace to act as Team Sky support car

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Source : 2016 Jaguar F-Pace to act as Team Sky support car

Jaguar F-Pace prototype will be Team Sky’s official support car for the first stage of the 2015 Tour de France


A prototype edition of the 2016 Jaguar F-Pace will act as an official support vehicle for Team Sky in This particular year’s Tour de France cycle race.

the auto is actually still camouflaged, yet This particular gives the clearest indication yet of the look of the upcoming SUV.

This particular prototype will only act as the support vehicle for the first stage of the Tour, the so-called Grand Depart. This particular stage is actually short by the Tour’s standards, as This particular is actually a 13.7km time trial. This particular starts in Utrecht from the Netherlands on 4 July.

The F-Pace will not be following the team through the rest of the Tour, around France as well as into the mountains. This particular will, however, carry four team members as well as equipment to support the likes of British rider Chris Froome of Team Sky.

The F-Pace is actually due to go on sale in early 2016, following its debut at the Frankfurt motor show in September. the auto’s first appearance was confirmed in April by the firm’s brand director, Steven de Ploey.

various other recent spy shots have caught what appears to be a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 edition of the F-Pace out on the roads. Although the prototype is actually still heavily disguised, several elements mark This particular out clearly as a performance edition of Jaguar’s brand new SUV. This particular features red brake calipers, two large tailpipes as well as chunky alloy wheels.

The supercharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine is actually set to be the most powerful edition of the F-Pace when This particular goes on sale, although there is actually a chance which the supercharged 5.0-litre petrol V8 which’s used in many of Jaguar’s high-performance designs will also make This particular into the F-Pace.

The staple engines from the F-Pace are anticipated to be the brand new four-cylinder Ingenium petrol as well as diesel units which will make their debut from the Jaguar XE saloon as well as Land Rover Discovery Sport through This particular summer.

The spy images confirm which, as expected, Jaguar’s first production SUV – which the any is actually referring to as a ‘sports crossover’ – will share its overall design as well as shape with the C-X17 concept car unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in 2013.

The size as well as dimensions are said to be near identical to the C-X17, which is actually 4.72m long – 400mm longer than a Range Rover Evoque – as well as 1.65m tall.

The F-Pace incorporates a more upright stance than Jaguar’s typically rakish car designs, although the plunging roof at the rear means This particular retains a sleek profile. The bluff front end treatment suggests the SUV will follow the C-X17’s lead in which the driver will look over the bonnet, rather than down This particular.

The concept had what Jaguar called “an assured driving position” set at “a low height”, similar to which of an Evoque, as well as This particular is actually likely to be a staple part of the F-Pace driving experience.

The C-X17 concept also featured a muscular ridged bonnet. This particular hallmark of various other Jaguar designs appears to have been retained under the camouflage of the F-Pace prototype.

The spy pictures also offer a glimpse at the cabin as well as dashboard of the Jaguar F-Pace. Aside through the data-collecting apparatus, This particular bears little resemblance to any current JLR production product, suggesting the Jaguar F-Pace will reach production using a fresh Internal look.

The launch of the brand new F-Pace marks once the 80-year-old any has entered the SUV market. The F-Pace name is actually understood to have been chosen to emphasise both its relationship in style as well as character with the F-Type sports car as well as to recall Jaguar’s famous ‘Grace, Pace, Space’ slogan of the 1950s as well as 1960s.

The brand new SUV squarely targets Porsche’s Macan as well as BMW’s X4 designs. This particular should command a starting cost of about £35,000, reaching upwards as far as £50,000.

The brand new car is actually anticipated to become one of Jaguar’s two best-selling designs, performing strongly in major markets such as China as well as the US as well as rivalling the volume of the upcoming XE compact saloon.

Once established from the market, the two debutantes should push total Jaguar volume beyond 0,000 units a year, up through last year’s figure of about 80,000.

JLR’s global operations director, Andy Goss, says the emergence of the F-Pace is actually a direct result of the company’s plan to spend more than £3.5 billion a year on product development over the next few years.

The F-Pace’s styling was created in-house by design boss Ian Callum as well as his team at the beginning of 2013. This particular is actually a relatively long car for its compact billing, nearly 40cm longer than a Range Rover Evoque as well as about the same height.

These generous dimensions allow the auto its curvaceous external surfaces (“If you want form,” says Callum, “you need space”), which includes muscular haunches, classic Jaguar bonnet lines as well as strongly raked front as well as rear windscreens.

Callum admits This particular took time to shape a convincing SUV from the image of the F-type. “This particular was our first crossover design,” he says, “as well as, yes, This particular was hard. We found the initial results quite difficult as well as disappointing. The profile, the 0-metre view, was the hardest bit, as well as which’s what sells cars. yet I reckon we cracked This particular from the end.”

The F-Pace will be built in Jaguar’s brand new Solihull plant.

“We’ve been talking about a product onslaught for a quite while,” says Goss, “as well as at This particular point This particular’s beginning.” 

Although the F-Pace will be Jaguar’s first SUV product, This particular might not be the only SUV for long. Jaguar is actually understood to be eyeing up a whole family of SUVs to follow on through the F-Pace, with one of the most promising ideas being a smaller product to rival BMW’s X1.

Jaguar has also produced a short film for the launch of the F-Pace.

Q&A with Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover global operations director

F-Pace is actually an unusual name. Why did you choose This particular?

“There was plenty of discussion about This particular. We wanted to emphasise the auto’s relationship with F-type, which we view as our emotional fulcrum. as well as ‘pace’ implies performance, which the auto certainly has. Besides which, This particular’s a word we own; we started off using This particular from the famous ‘Grace, Pace, Space’ slogan many years ago.”

How important is actually the F-Pace to your range?

“This particular could be the biggest seller we’re going to have, similar in size to the XE. The sector volume has tripled in several years, as well as all predictions say This particular’ll expand by another 30 per cent from the next several. These cars sell well in all the big markets: China, the US as well as Europe. This particular’s truly important for us.”  

Are you worried about a clash with Land Rover?

“Not at all. The F-Pace’s external surfaces design as well as its obvious reference to the F-type is actually one huge point of differentiation. as well as whereas Land Rovers are focused on off-road performance, This particular car is actually very definitely aimed at highway use. Frankly, the real surprise is actually which we haven’t done This particular before.”

Even without the F-Pace or XE, you’ve had a Great year at JLR, right?

“Yes. Total sales were up nine per cent to 462,678 units as well as Jaguar had its best year for a decade. We have 12 brand new product actions planned This particular year as well as anticipate retailing 500,000 cars for once from the company’s history.”

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Source: 2016 Jaguar F-Pace to act as Team Sky support car

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