2016 Hyundai Ioniq revealed – powertrain information in addition to pictures

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Source : 2016 Hyundai Ioniq revealed – powertrain information in addition to pictures

Hyundai Ioniq first electric car is actually available as a custom Hyundai PHEV in addition to hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain also. For sale in March via around 18,000 £


in addition to Hyundai Ioniq , the first product of a hybrid dedicated to the company, described as the first car of any company in which is actually provided with three electric powertrain within Options one Centeng type.

Ioniq in addition to can be identified as a fully electric car in addition to plug-in hybrid or a full hybrid, is actually likely to compete with Toyota Prius when the item goes on sale March.

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engine in addition to gearbox

generating first power to be made available the item will be mixed. Consisting of a 1.6-liter Kappa GDI engine in which produces a peak 103bhp in addition to 108.5 lb-ft of torque, in addition to the lithium-ion battery works permanently powered electric motor magnetic, which contributes up to a maximum of 43bhp in addition to 125 lb-ft of torque, allegedly hybrid we contain the thermal efficiency of 40% – which matches a comfortable arch-enemy, the Prius

This kind of efficiency thanks to the use of the combustion engine in addition to cooling optimization, in addition to 0 bar via six direct fuel injection system of points, while the benefits of electric motors via delinquency files in which allow him to work which has a claimed efficiency of 95 %.


drive to the front wheels via a six-speed dual transmission DCT, in addition to in which’s been optimized for hybrid to provide maximum efficiency of 97.5 percent – another class leading feature, according to the company Hyundai

in addition to plug-in hybrid variant of Ioniq uses the same 1.6-liter engine in addition to a combination of an electric motor, yet with power boosted 51 bhp, giving a total of 155bhp. the item’s able to travel for 31 miles on electric power alone, in addition to emits 32G / km of CO2.

characterized by electrical Ioniq lithium-ion battery capacity of the upper back, in addition to the Great of an estimated 155 kilometers of pure electric driving. Electric motor at This kind of point produces 118bhp in addition to 218 lb-ft of torque, with the engine routed through just one-speed transmission. In This kind of product, in addition to Ioniq carries a top speed of 103mph.


The brand-new product is actually built on a brand-new platform brand, which is actually shared with the brand’s sister brand-new Kia Nero , is actually also due to launch This kind of year. Hyundai says the company has been improving the structure of the brand-new product to offer “in addition to respond to treatment while remaining effective in each of the three power generating configurations.” the item consist of a combination of Advanced Higher strength steel – materials contribute in a big 53% to the temple – in addition to aluminum, which saves 12.6kg before casting parts such as the hood components, boot in addition to suspend

Hyundai deal with claims seem backed setup duo lower arm multi-link rear suspension, while the vehicle batteries have been identified within the vehicle floor in order to lower the center of gravity.


brand-new fueled instead Ioniq will also offer a “leading aerodynamics in its class,” according to the Korean any. Pre-orders for the brand-new car is actually being taken in Korea at This kind of point. the item is actually scheduled to make its world debut there later This kind of month before the item is actually revealed to the West at the Geneva Motor Show in March in which car.

external surfaces design of the vehicle is actually said to make the item very slippery through the air, thus reducing drag in addition to enhance fuel economy. The grille hexagonal Hyundai front includes the move “paintings” in which could air flow over the vehicle guide

Inner surface

Hyundai has gone to approach free of clutter, in addition to combine. “The application usage effective internal space in addition to logical approach in addition to clear planning in addition to control functions. ” He said the cabin to restructure con with environmentally friendly materials – even though the any did not put on what those materials are up to date, showing the latest plastic Inner surface’s soft texture, with leather in addition to stitching contrasts in addition to chrome trim coloring available.

robot cars in addition to feature Apple CarPlay on Ioniq, with satellite navigation provided by TomTom Live service. Wireless charging for mobile phones are also available mat

shaped dashboard format seems very similar to Hyundai Tucson image – there’s even the same touch digital display featuring two via the central air vents, in addition to heating controls seem close to matching.

in terms of safety technology, in addition to is actually characterized by Ioniq emergency braking independent, lane keeping assistance, blind spot detection, rear alert traffic control systems in addition to adaptive cruise.

while all three versions of Ioniq looks similar to a large extent, the two versions receive mixed colors blue trim accent, while getting an electric product copper accents.

More details

says Hyundai Ioniq “break the mold of hybrid vehicles. The first product within the earth to offer customers a choice of three powertrain choices, Ionic combines efficiency in consumption leading fuel in its class which has a fun, responsive drive in addition to attractive design – a unique combination has not yet been achieved by the hybrid car “

the item is actually not surprising to see Hyundai develop a custom hybrid product, where car sales continue to fuel rather than grow in Europe in addition to the United Kingdom. According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers Traders (SMMT) in which AFVs sales grew by 130% year-on-year in This kind of country.

the launch of a dedicated hybrid product will also help Hyundai to reach the regulations CO2 95g in addition to / km strict into force in Europe in 2020.

The head of Hyundai Motor Co. R & D Centre for Long-Chul Yang: “We are proud to move forward ecological our friendly car line-up with the introduction of Ioniq. in addition to focused vision for mobility within the future to choose, which has a variety of powertrain to suit different life customer patterns choices, without compromising on design or driving pleasure. Ioniq embodies the vision of Hyundai Motor Co. for the development of product cars in addition to mobility within the future; IONIQ is actually the fruit of our efforts to become a leader within the global automotive market green company. ”


British coach Tony Whitehorn, Hyundai is actually already the best way to introduce more hybrid technology to the company line-up is actually scheduled to begin which has a custom car. He speaks to Autocar: “Perhaps the best way to do This kind of is actually which has a stand-alone product, as did Toyota. Began with the style in addition to expanded This kind of range. He said in which, let’s make a statement ‘yet eventually taken This kind of technology [additional versions].

“if you just restrict hybrid technology to one vehicle, you will not get the revenue. You have to put them in additional cars. “

plans for a hybrid Hyundai go as far back as 2010, when the concept car Blue Will her company showed. This kind of included product gasoline engine 1.6-liter works in conjunction with an electric motor 134bhp. the mules within the early testing phase in addition to then spotted testing in August 2015.

Hyundai recently celebrated sell a million vehicles in United Kingdom. he said Whitehorn to talk on the occasion to mark the occasion in which the low-emission vehicles will be an integral part of the continued growth of the company. Hyundai plans to offer 22 of these vehicles by 2020.

, “next year we are looking at hybrid EV technology in addition to go out, in addition to in which will only escalate, “said Whitehorn.” I see electric vehicles, hybrids in addition to plug-in hybrid as a way to bridge the gap between the internal combustion engine in addition to fuel cell technology pure. How long will This kind of bridge lasts is actually uncertain, yet the item is actually interesting to see manufacturers such as ourselves to go to a variety of techniques. “

while prices Ioniq’s not yet been officially disclosed, is actually likely to reach the cost to around 18,000 £

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Source: 2016 Hyundai Ioniq revealed – powertrain information in addition to pictures

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