2016 Honda FCV review

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completely new rival for the Toyota Mirai will arrive inside the UK in 2016, using a longer range than the old FCX Clarity along with more ambitious sales plans in which is usually the completely new Honda FCV, the latest attempt by the Japanese company to gain the high ground on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – along with one in which’s under more pressure than ever before, thanks to the recent arrival of the Toyota Mirai.Indeed, whereas Honda’s previous fuel cell vehicles have been praised for their technical innovation, they’ve also been available to only a select few. The firm made just 72 examples of the last effort, the FCX Clarity – however the idea has much higher hopes for the FCV, which will be made in “much greater numbers” along with is usually seen as a stepping stone to Honda’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle, currently in development (some of the idea shared with General Motors) along with due in 2020.As with the Clarity, the FCV sits on a bespoke platform, however the idea gets two hydrogen tanks instead of one, with both storing the fuel at a higher pressure (700bar instead of 350). in which is usually designed, Honda engineers say, to answer the single biggest concern in which’s come across in feedback via Clarity owners: range. in which car managed 240 miles inside the US test cycle; Honda says the FCV can crack 300 on the same standard, along with the idea should be north of 400 in many real-world situations.At the heart of the idea all is usually a completely new fuel cell stack, a third smaller than before along with, astonishingly, 0% cheaper to produce. The more compact package has allowed Honda to move the idea away via the transmission tunnel area, to under the bonnet. in which frees up cabin space, allowing the FCV to be a 5-seater.
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Source: 2016 Honda FCV review

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