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McLaren 650S LT that will year’s Festival of Speed ​​celebrated the “endless pursuit of power; sum up what was a great success last


annual Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​returned in Goodwood House – can be celebrating that will year, “the endless pursuit of power” with the presence of a special focus on the BMW

catch up with what happened below, nevertheless first Steve Kroble summarizes that will year’s show.

Steve Kroble to view a report

also drifted spectators happily away via the annual 24 running yesterday Goodwood speed festival, the item must have hit many of the event, that will year’s theme – “the pursuit continuous power. “- was a not bad choice unusually

all the Goodwood Festival incorporates a theme, nevertheless that will one can be closer to reality than usual: in addition to witnessed the event in 2016 crop better in addition to more effective than the race cars – as well as the largest of supercars road-going group amazing – more than any previously seen inside the famous hillclimb Sussex, which for all nevertheless four days inside the year can be the quiet one-lane access road linking the Goodwood House estate wooded above.

for a while that will year the item looked as if the famous luck with the weather the Lord March was on the verge of running out. the item rained heavily in addition to unexpectedly inside the first in addition to third days of the event for four days, in addition to sometimes encouraging to deal with mud, while not inside the league Glastonbury, the item was very unpleasant.

nevertheless the famous Goodwood organization appeared as usually happens: shaved wood chips littered quickly on most of the corridors – in addition to on Friday in addition to Sunday, at least, the tracks in addition to the track can be almost always dry. When they do not, well, for lack of grip just made the show more exciting.

giant transport cars marquee on Thursday sounded a bit sparsely populated that will year (the use of the organizers of the giant coffee shop in addition to a stunt bike show to occupy space normally filled with brand-new cars), nevertheless inside the same way there was a lack of iron the brand-new road. the item’s just that will most of the products can not be done after sampling by potential owners. the item was the king of a lot more likely £ 1.9million, 261mph Bugatti Chiron, who created a lot of controversy design, despite the lack of a doubt his speed in addition to strength when they marched on a hill by the Le Mans Andy Wallace, driver in addition to a director of the company, Wolfgang Durheimer.

in an arc billionaire also has been a continuous McLaren P1 GTR, one of several converted by Lanzante trim that will the item left the factory race only. your vehicle was decorated Vos colors of the late F1 star in addition to broadcaster James Hunt, because, among various other tasks, the event was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the earth Championship Hunt. Throw in Aston Martin Vulcan, in addition to amazing Koenigsegg One: 1, with 1341bhp on the tap in addition to you have a lot of squillionaires acquisitive

nevertheless your vehicle does not have to be completely inside the arc desirable in addition to fast. Mark Aston’s brand-new DB11 debut Goodwood her, the brand-new Jaguar F- type setting SVX any her again at the club 200mph (left upon completion of the XJ220 production) in addition to there are several statements powerful V8 via the Lexus inside the exhibition, in addition to the BMW stripped of M4 GTS (with 493bhp to play with). The Honda NSX there, alongside McLaren’s 570 sprint, in addition to even those that will did not end the item.

I want to go still cheaper? The Federal Statistical Office of the fastest Golf GTI in history born 40 years ago, in addition to Clubsport S, Levante Maserati, in addition to SUVs that will are investing great wish, then the brand-new “reasonable” Tesla design X, in addition to even the 108bhp Renault Twingo GT, although including like a car inside the “Festival of Speed” the item seems to be stretching the friendship.

Of course, the stars were F1 in addition to cars by force, headed by Mercedes Lewis Hamilton, who was at one stage superstar said he could like to be involved inside the development of cars such as Mercedes AMG GT (brand-new to the Goodwood also ) R. was the most cars GP performance a few years old – including “true” to be in Austria next weekend – nevertheless the item was one interest off special Ross Brawn, his brown BGP 001 winner of the tournament, restored specially for Star race for the appearance in addition to driven very well by Martin Brundle.

there have been accidents. Rally route inside the upper part of the course saw some amazing leadership. The rally raid drivers, traditionally not a lot of “gardening” warned on the brink of Lord March, the item proceeded to write-offs of them anyway. Ford Le Mans ace Marino Franchitti, required for driving inside the rain flow, in addition to the item took a short time to the grass in his Le Mans Ford GT in addition to a stunt driver Terry Grant, half of the notebook with him, moving two Jaguar F- pace right on its side.

As always, the brand-new Goodwood mixed with the familiar. that will, the Lord March tell you, can be the secret. In 2016 he was mixing all the elements inside the right proportions to the public, in addition to many shocked by the result of the referendum of the European Union, which sometimes occur more more politics than cars. nevertheless Goodwood has provided reassurance always does. Whatever happens to our country, in addition to I will be back next June, undoubtedly the best ever

Show repeat on the last day below:

2016 Goodwood Festival of speed – blog


17.55 Although our coverage Goodwood Festival of speed in 2016 to an end. that will year’s event was undoubtedly one of the best ever. Scroll down to catch up with what we got up inside the Goodwood, in addition to look through our gallery above to see what was involved inside the hot metal work.

17.20 in addition to the results of the extraordinary penalties are yet another exciting session. Faster can be Guli Clark in appearance Subaru Impreza mad ‘Gobstopper II, “which posts run 46.29sec, beating Kenny Barak inside the McLaren P1 GTR his time of 47.07sec. Amazing speed of both cars, in addition to the rest of the contestants for that will matter.

16.55 can be not that will day a positive for all racers. that will can be another car crashed back into the ring, that will one for the Grand Prix of the cars.

16.10 Matt reveals before the Aston Martin Vulcan that will year Michelin Showstopper Award winner. social media in addition to “cheerometer” (or something) create a shortlist of six cars. a group of esteemed judges – as well some automotive journalists, including before – in addition to then voted for the winner

the final list of Aston Martin Vulcan , in addition to Koenigsegg one: 1 , Porsche 911 re-planned by the singer, in addition to Noble M600 Speedster , in addition to Mercedes AMG GT-R , in addition to Ferrari 458 MM SPECIALE

three cars arrested two votes each via the judges: Aston, Ferrari, Koenigsegg. Which means that will appropriate given the political shenanigans that will week, in addition to he went weighted sound to the public. Controversy too where, though: beat Aston Martin Vulcan, who left Aston CEO Andy Palmer “very proud” of the hard work of the team that will put £ 1.8M, the track only a limited range hypercar together


15.25 a lot of Honda NSX love in Goodwood that will year with the arrival of a brand-new car production. Along having a couple of old NSXs run up the hill all weekend, the item was spotted in a few parking lots, including that will beautiful yellow example.

15.15 for motorcycle enthusiasts may want that will one: rider clouds having a 5.8 liter V8 engine Chevrolet, reached 174mph inside the quarter-mile race in 50 years

inside the picture. Below you can see Clyde Henley (in Chapter bearded), the owner of the bike can be responsible for its restoration in addition to men. Originally Posted by legendary jockey raced E. J. Potter to three world record runs Drag Racing. The bike can be very crazy in addition to dangerous the item was nicknamed quickly widow maker

14.45 various other large Claire Evans parking spot: Cobra-subject Ford Mustang . the item must be the meanest looking car at the show, right?

14.30 Claire Evans has today spotted these beautiful looking Alfa Romeo, in 1971, Tipu 33/3 in addition to Man cars in addition to 1970 1750 GTAm. They do not make ’em like that will anymore

14.20 died before eyeing more than Koenigsegg One: 1 as part of the government functions inside the live stage. With the drivetrain 1341bhp the item has surely have vehicles must be one of the candidates.

14.10 Claire Evans has stumbled across that will E 280 Mercedes cars, which came second in 1977 in London in addition to Sydney march rally. Evans explains the item was initially that will Mercedes disputed inside the crowd for some time, in addition to proved to be well worth the item because he got a double triumph. Apart via sand paintings rather than chunky bumpers in addition to roll cage inside your vehicle the item was close to production products.

march six in addition to a half weeks continued, demonstrating the superb durability of the 1970s Mercs.

14.05 died before today join the group Autocar for judges including race touring car legend Tim Harvey on the stage directly, where they will be judged on 12 cars shortcut menu of super ring in addition to select your favorite. There cheerometer get extra points even if you’re inside the show in addition to want to take part, head over today.

13.55 plenty to see away via the hill climb at Goodwood, including a wide range of super sports cars inside the parking lots of the festival. that will has been the Porsche Carrera GT grab the attention of passers-by for some time today. We have fond memories of a wonderful-sounding 5.7-liter V10 that will’s what lies at the rear.

13.45 record breaking Mark Higgins Subaru WRX STI was just on a hill which shows the amazing pace in addition to agility. Average car recently more than 128mph on an island, of course, a daunting Man TT, in addition to fair to say that will speeds a little less here.

13.35 says Matt Burt Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace can be confident he can convince more speed out of the £ 1.9M Download today Chiron top of the hill Goodwood, nevertheless bear in mind that will “of course the item gets very narrow towards the top in addition to I do not want to damage your vehicle. that will can be a French company, in addition to there can be the guillotine on the back side of the exhibition stand just in case you need any various other motivation to not to damage the item.” Bert thought the item was a joke …

13.25 was the last group to climb the hill Goodwood consists of F1 sports in addition to classic cars, including that will wonderful 1966 United States GP win Lotus 43. the clock can be ticking for many of these cars, although the item looks like most drivers keep things well within limits. Seven value figure for the number of these cars are not given a surprise …

13.00 modern fine mighty, two Ferrari [19459003andKadirzialjmaheralhakiqi-] XX cars – a FXX Evo (below), in addition to 599 XX. With two V12 engines producing more than 1500bhp between them, there was no shortage of burning in addition to spitting flame.


We reported a private McLaren edition P1 GTR, which was decorated inside the colors of the 1976 Formula 1 world champion helmet James Hunt earlier . We have caught our blushes with the item back to the ring, in addition to a great look okay?


can be still a blue sky in Goodwood (well, mostly) as well as the interest of all fans race in, the item also raises the possibility of the hill, of course, can be cleaned by some dry runs in runs that will evening hacks shoot, although the drivers coming up the hill today are still complaining about the surface of a very muddy road. What will be the fastest? Yesterday was Porsche 911 Turbo S led by Paul Rees followed [19459045NissanGT-R led a race car Jen Mardenborough driver factory in addition to McLaren 570S Sprint driven by Ciaran haggard. Get that will station clocks ready …


Matt Burt again: “Another highlight of a” pattern et lux “inside the garden Cartier can be a wonderful collection of old Lancias However, admiring the marred by a touch of sadness over the fallen famous Italian marque inside the modern era. the presence of YPSILON can not imagine that will being a lot after 60 years. “


We did not spend a lot of time talking about ascent phase, which can be located at the top of the hill climb course, nevertheless ever were drivers in addition to having a lot of fun-in addition to of course – they are the link completely composure of rain or mud. To give you a taste of the work, in addition to enjoy ephoto Steve Perez at work ten.


More Matt Burt, who found one way or another time to take in some of the screens fixed width inside the middle of watching the action track in addition to interviews with senior executives. “One of the things I enjoy most about Goodwood in addition to stumbling across a strange car you’ve never seen or heard of,” he writes. “that will Meyrignac caught my attention in Cartier Park” pattern et Lux. “Made in France by one enthusiast named Dennis Meyrignac in 1977, the item can be based on the Alpine A110 foundations 1600s in Berlinette. I can not imagine a scenario where the next Mountains Alpine will inspire these detailed creations … “


enjoy live video above, watching the F1 machines? Difficult to choose my favorite, nevertheless the sight in addition to sound of Brown’s BGP 001 winning the tournament, led by Martin Brundle can be high on our list.


in addition to we have paid the last point of the dead to add a picture of a Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 AVIO to our booth. We have a beautiful collection (in addition to growing) shots of our photographers Stan Papior in addition to Luke Lacey of the weekend, in addition to you can see them in all their beauty by clicking on the gallery leading images in addition to scroll through.



Matt Burt busy day yesterday, in addition to ruminating on some of the highlights. “I sat down to chat with the brand-new Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali coach yesterday. After that will I saw him on television at the end of every various other week inside the days when he was a candidate Ferrari ‘s Formula 1 team, in addition to I though he always looked like a chapter loved in addition to that will was borne through the chat we had in Goodwood, he realizes that will he moved to the sports car company Sant’Agata at a critical moment in its history in addition to can be looking forward the challenge that will lies ahead. look for the full interview autocar.co.uk soon. ”



, deputy editor in chief of all Tisshaw busy that will morning, in addition to get behind the wheel of the original NSX recently built Honda UK. After running up the hill, in addition to he also has been verified via the difference between your vehicle he was driving in addition to its successor, due to be launched inside the UK soon. We will look forward to his ideas later.


any of the F1 drivers have a lot of energy like any lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a person Bugatti Chiron, of course. that will opportunity comes for us later that will year, nevertheless for today editor Matt Burt did the next best thing. “I can only imagine how excited for March was the Lord about him leading up to the trail inside the same jaw-dropping brand-new Bugatti Chiron,” he said. “Yesterday, as shown Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer in addition to Le Mans Andy Wallace legend me about your vehicle was invited to sit inside the driver’s seat in addition to start the engine. The fire until the power plant 16 cylinder visceral seem shocking, nevertheless Wallace reassures me genuinely easily to drive. Almost as not bad as the hype can be the view via the driver’s seat, with the dashboard which can be dominated by a large central speedo carry three numbers that will you do not normally see on the speedometers in cars less. ”


Such F1 cars fire up, let’s take you back a few years when Autocar got to pay Honda [19459003carF1Returnedourcollectiveheartrateisaboutstable


in addition to while we wait for the Mercedes Formula 1 team to launch fire up the engine for Nico Rosberg, let’s stick having a super run for awhile. Lotus can be back in profit in addition to buzzing again as the item launches a series of brand-new products in addition to revised. At the heart of all of them can be the brand-new 450bhp 3-one of ten who just saw. Want to know more: Click here


in addition to with the continuation of the super long, let’s pick. To highlight the unexpected – Bristol Pinnacle project, which we expect to see in Figure outright in September. the item’s a great news to see the marque can be still fighting, in addition to you can read what we know about your vehicle here.


to apologize for a short break while we added some brand-new pictures to our gallery. Go back in time to run the first super day on the kickoff, always highlight the Autocar readers. Bugatti Chiron mentioned have started off things off, nevertheless I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the item at the end of that will week, so let’s take a moment to get excited about the concept of the celebration of the Alps inspired by the rise of running up the hill. the item can be one of two concept cars Alps at Goodwood that will will spawn type roadgoing later that will year, ahead of sales in 2017. The latest concept – which looks closer to the production of a car launched – can be inside the picture below. The company must give quietly confident about elbowing its way into the sports car market in addition to believes its philosophy of compact dimensions, light weight in addition to powerful enough that will the item room to compete for customers along with the likes of Porsche . We are excited quietly, too


A tribute to James Hunt – feature on every day of that will week’s festival – today running, the item features some of the coolest race car in addition to the road world champion 1976. McLaren have already entered into the spirit of the occasion, in addition to the preparation of P1 GTR livery in celebration Hunt helmets colors. Read more about the item here.


action track can be just getting underway back today, before Bugatti Chiron [led . You can read more about that will here, while in meditation mind-blowing fact that will the average driver (in addition to former Le Mans winner), Andy Wallace in addition to the withdrawal of more than 200kph inside the item on the way to climb the hill yesterday. Lord March inside your vehicle behind the wheel of that will particular term, though – lucky guy – nevertheless we believe that will he may not see 200kph on the first run inside your vehicle


Ahead 2016 Festival of the team speed of our video was at work, in an attempt to nominate the best car hads BMW featured marque that will year to build than ever before. Enjoyment? At night, you stupid boy? Controversial? We doubt the item. the item can be very likely that will Chiron will be able to demonstrate the highest speed of 261mph, nevertheless what can be certain can be that will the £ hypercar 1.9million will cause quite a scene. I drove RP1, in addition to loved the item, so the item can be today your chance to see your vehicle track 500bhp per tonne at work inside the flesh. the item has the same engine base MX-5, nevertheless comes having a wide range of add-ons in addition to outdoor design exclusive. the item takes the form of a little tamer than GT4 similar 570S, which can be eligible for GT racing categories of many of the earth. in addition to many parts are shared between the two countries in addition to McLaren hopes they form the basis for success in sports races. The same engine of a car sitting inside the road monocoque. 493bhp naturally aspirated engine sharing brother biased track, in addition to instead 911 R can be equipped having a six-speed manual gearbox instead of the PDK.

Source: 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed report

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