2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed preview

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Goodwood Festival of Speed along with also we are through the main motor running can expect at This particular year’s show, which will be themed around “the endless pursuit of power,”


Goodwood Festival of speed back to Goodwood House This particular summer, June 24-26.

will be under the title of the event This particular year to celebrate the “endless pursuit of power,” along with also will include some of the fastest race in history, cars along with also bikes to prove the human obsession with speed. BMW is usually distinctive brand for 2016, so no doubt will bring a range of its products via the past along with also present.

The festival will also play host modest part of the earth for the number for the first national visits for cars via the earth’s major manufacturers, with the likes of Mercedes , Honda along with also Mazda is usually scheduled to reveal something of the British public for initially. To help you get ahead, we run through some of the key completely new cars to expect below. You can View Gallery last year’s event here .

Ferrari California T treatment SPECIALE

Ferrari more focused image California T have already been impressed with the way his unit test handling along with also more entertaining exhaust note, however the Goodwood Festival of speed will be initially in Britain along with also the public to meet the completely new design inside metal. along with also addresses SPECIALE – or HS – uses the same turbocharged V8 3.9-liter as a regular California T, adding a detailed chassis, exhaust along with also standard carbon ceramic brakes to make your vehicle louder along with also more extreme sports riding, however so far what is usually more satisfying to drive on the limit.

Mercedes AMG GT R

along with also harder, more powerful variation is usually the Mercedes GT sports car for initially inside earth at Goodwood. Called GT R , is usually likely to produce up to 570bhp via the uprated engine V8 twin turbo will compete Porsche 911 GT3 RS when This particular goes on sale – probably sometime inside later time year.

Mazda MX-5 RF

along with also Mazda MX-5 will RF for initially in Europe at Goodwood. 2016 design features a Retractable Hard Top to create a coupe-like roof line along with also improve insulation. In spite of all This particular extra metal, along with also RF only adds to the normal weight 40KG MX-5 curb, given the practical advantages, is usually likely to be the strongest current vendor MX-5 line-up in Britain.

Honda NSX

[andManalmtoukalchgellenskhhjahzhllantegmenh NSX at Goodwood This particular year

Honda, marking the first opportunity British public to see along with also hear the variation of the sports car hybrid in which they can actually buy. NSX 2016 uses a twin-turbo V6 engine along with also an electric motor to produce 573bhp, some have described as a copy of affordable hybrid hypercars like Porsche 918 Spyder .

Ford Fiesta ST200

hottest Ford production holiday for initially inside earth at the Geneva Motor show earlier This particular year, however Goodwood will be the first opportunity for the British public to put their eyes on This particular. completely new ST200 builds on the regular performance of ST to produce up to 212bhp along with also uses a revised chassis settings to provide a clearer performance.


BMW’s most aggressive M4 earnt itself 4.5 stars When we traveled for initially earlier This particular year, which confirms M4 GTS ‘s put a real contender for the GT3 Porsche 911 . Coupe uses a stripped variation destined for the top of the engine M4 twin-diesel straight-six to produce 493bhp, along with also 68 bhp great even on a regular M4. This particular will make its debut at Goodwood inside UK later This particular month.

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Source: 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed preview

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