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2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed Bugatti Chiron


occupies Bugatti Chiron in anger from the United Kingdom for initially

This specific year’s Festival of Speed ​​celebrates ” the endless pursuit of power; get the latest updates in addition to pictures here

Goodwood annual festival of speed in addition to returned to Goodwood House – will be celebrating This specific year, “the endless pursuit of power” with the presence of a special focus on the BMW

Stay tuned for regular updates to work in addition to live, direct via the show, in addition to all the latest images of many of the stars on the screen. you can View Gallery last year’s event here in addition to watch the live coverage below

2016 Goodwood Fesitval speed – live blog



This specific brings the coverage of Saturday we have an end. we’ll be back with live updates in addition to completely new pictures tomorrow, yet while This specific seems of which This specific will be drier, in addition to died before he still advises bringing affordable shoes. “Goodwood will be doing temporary lanes very well, yet in some places they like most festivals outdoors: either dusty or, in This specific weather, muddy if you’re coming tomorrow, white canvas shoes are not options.”


BMW [say technology manager Andrew Force brand will be a leading force from the roll-out cars connected, reports Sam Sheehan, who has been talking to the Force This specific afternoon. Everyone of completely new BMW cars featuring handsome, in addition to there are 500,000 BMWs connected in Britain.


as promised, in addition to here report Priors super shootout , which saw 24 car manufacturers involved in addition to included a long-slidey at 19,459,017 ] Caterham 620R

At the same time, the work of Hill going again: Auto heading up to the shoot-out qualifying, timed runs before the final top 20 shootout tomorrow. of which will be why in Laguna in addition to pressing too hard from the first place, he says, before


reports died the previous race in: “A Renault Laguna has beaten tourist cars hay bales hard near the wall of granite in addition to ended criticized caught This specific cross your path. yet This specific suspended work on the hill for more than half an hour in addition to counting. “





Paul Rees super shoot in Porsche 911 Turbo S earlier, clocking in a time of 57.63sec around the track sodden. Before we had a man who died there to see This specific unfold, in addition to his report of the battle will be to get out a stopwatch.


in addition to spells a change via the rain in addition to sunshine made for raising the hair some runs up the hill, with the driver having to gamble on the use of patches, intermediates or wets. No serious incidents although so far, thank God. Sam Sheehan defied a rally from the rear-wheel drive, V8- pick-up engines.

“The Maloo in addition to plenty of torque I did not notice I had left This specific in second gear before doing a series of combustion. Anyone driving This specific thing from the wet should throw a few bricks from the back for initially …”


carving This specific year celebrates 100 years of BMW in addition to includes winning the Man BMW V12 LMR, car Brabham BMW BT52 F1, in addition to + 328 Mille Miglia car, which will be from the image below. yet will be This specific the best sculpture yet? Jim holder has an opinion to him .


Matt Saunders has information about celebrities, spotters. “Make your way out to the parking lot in addition to This specific Ostjd: Goodwood helicopter station – where else ‘eggwhisk” arrives or departs every ten minutes This specific was Jenson Button will be of which Bernie Ecclestone or Keanu Reeves will be the biggest one? Until today? Literally minutes of fun. “


Sam Sheehan on the verge of pushing 536bhp Vauxhall Maloo top of the hill. in wet. not bad luck to him. Follow us on Instagram to see more pictures via the weekend.


in addition to we ‘I’ve also seen issuing legal way for the 986 bhp McLaren P1 GTR . only 5 production versions of P1 LM will be made by specialists based Hambashaar- Lanzante – gray one in addition to four orange – in addition to This specific’s as hard-liners in addition to get hypercars


Let quick rundown of some of the completely new minerals of which we have seen so today. in addition to 577 bhp Mercedes AMG GT R This specific will be the most powerful road car the until today, has been one of the most revealing in Goodwood.


away via Goodwood, the earth will be still a reaction to the vote from the UK to leave the European Union. The British car industry strongly to stay fit, in addition to you can Click here to read how was the reaction of some of the manufacturers of the results of .


Tesla do not truly marketing. So This specific’s a surprise to see them showing off a two-storey stand at Goodwood, in addition to This specific’s absolutely jam-packed with spectators. Our managing editor, Jim pregnant, in addition to they had a look around, in addition to you can Read his thoughts here .


Matt push up the hill almost did not happen, not because of bad weather Shuffle

“The Vuhl in addition to led test F1 pilot Jordan King for most of the weekend – in addition to This specific will be what’s guards Goodwood were expecting to see from the auto This specific morning.

“when they saw me instead, in my jeans in addition to the best woolly jumper instead of overalls Fireproof in addition to sent nearly me back into the ring. Note to self :. Get a romper suit for next year “

This specific jumper nice although Matt


have died the various other, via a variety Saunders, This specific will be today very jealous of anyone from the market to buy a car a trackday. This specific was top of the hill in a completely new militant Vuhl 05RR, in addition to you can read how he got here .


Matt Burt returned via a poke him about one of the most well-liked cars on the weekends.

“only proved in all exciting parts of the completely new Bugatti Chiron by the CEO of Bugatti Wolfgang Dürheimer in addition to Le Mans legend Andy Wallace, who drives the auto up the hill at the end of This specific week.

, “said Wallace saw 203kph on the speedometer as he crossed the finish line on an individual run, This specific will be possible of which This specific can go faster than of which, yet of course will be very tight there, in addition to he knows not to bend the auto £ 1.9M Download today .. . “


here comes the rain. Le Mans-winning Ford GT going on tour at the moment with Marino Franchitti at the wheel, yet the slippery runway had caused him to take a slight detour off-road. Do not forget you can watch all the action directly using the link at the top of This specific blog.


Matt Saunders will be already on the hill which has a very not bad knowledge. of which in Vuhl today, in addition to yesterday managed to hitch a ride in order of which in Spur Bentley Flying – in addition to here’s why think be chauffeur driven could be better than driving at Goodwood


at the same time, a test of President Matt Saunders in addition to lining up on the startline to pay Vuhl 05 RR . Always guaranteed to settle the nerves – – This specific’s the rain splatter reports. in addition to will be writing to be about his experience later from the day, so make sure you keep checking back with us


talk about the drivers’ F1 (in addition to I’ve Alex Zanardi emerged in addition to Nico Hülkenberg This specific morning), let’s move on to the British world champion Lewis Hamilton, Sam Sheehan, who has been catching up. The arrest of the pair even mentioned from the launch of the Mercedes AMG GT R last night. Click on This specific link to read what he talked about.


If you enjoy the story insprational or two, we have a man sections Tisshaw was talking to probably the most driver stirring race (in addition to winning the gold medal, in addition to more) of them all – Alex Zanardi. Capture what he had to say as he reflected on his life in addition to accident in addition to the current situation of the F1 here .


Matt Burt again, in addition to today get up close with Bugatti Chiron, who will be in public places from the UK for initially. He wonders: “Only spied Bugatti Chiron negotiate completely new cycle of the hill, in order of which one of This specific year’s ‘must see’ ticked off amazing how just seems to glide effortlessly up, though, to go to a fair lick.” You can read the full technology insight here.


In case you missed This specific, revealing the extreme Mercedes AMG GT R Last night, before playing This specific day festival. Powered by a 577bhp 4.0-liter turbocharged engine V8- double, in addition to R GT boasts the label of the cars on the most advanced Mercedes AMG roads, in addition to you can Read the full story here.


Some of you amazing pictures of the driver may have seen a stunt Terry Grant leads Jaguar F- Pace on two wheels up the hill, which has a passenger performing gymnastics on the side of the auto as he did so. Unfortunately, This specific seems of which the auto flipped over yesterday. Everyone’s fine … yet F- Pace in addition to sports few wounds.


I’ve got to love This specific. Bert He died race: “Nico Hülkenberg raised only place from the” Formula cold one driver “quotas This specific had fired the last shot Goodwood House in V8 Sunbeam Tiger car land speed record to watch an old car via 0 years old to be spiritedly. Driven by the way its maker intended originally neatly encapsulates the thing of which makes This specific so wonderful Festival of Speed. ” Glory Hülkenberg – in addition to we can not think of many drivers in addition to various other F1 who would likely be willing to do This specific


BTCC ace Andrew Jordan had only accused so. A hill from the Audi S1 ​​Rallycross world’s Mattias Ekstrom. This specific almost seemed inclined to perform some donuts in front of the home of Lord March, yet instead settled for the start position, which offered enormous acceleration of four-wheel-drive, 600bhp hatchback. Cakes are prohibited from the strict sense of the word from the Goodwood, yet there will be always one or two drivers who know they can get away with This specific.


Autocar editor Matt Burt had stared at the sky. If you are traveling to Goodwood the day, he in addition to advise you to pack for every eventuality. “Dry in addition to enjoyable at the moment yet the sun from the early slowly giving way to more cloud cover,” he says. “If you’re heading to West Sussex, better to pack suncream in addition to a hat in addition to mayors of the two to cover all the possibilities. Drivers saying very slippery track at the moment.” So there you have This specific. Michael Fish has nothing to do on our man Bert …


begins work today with the centenary term BMW, in addition to a collection of racing cars via the German the illustrious past. Versatile rider Marc firmer BMW M1 Brocade led the top of the hill, in addition to remember about the short-term one to make a series of cars in 1979-1980.

Like many Formula 1 drivers of the time, he was invited to compete in a series which ran on the undercard of the Grand Prix races. “For us This specific was a big challenge,” he said in Goodwood. “We are the Formula 1 drivers can show how we were not bad. Although This specific will be not entirely fair because we were allowed to start via the front of the grid …” [Note to Ed: During the racing Brocade series, allowed any F1 driver who participated to start at the front of the network, as opposed to having to qualify against drivers will be F1- who were competing.]


hello to the coverage on Saturday from the Goodwood Festival of speed. Autocar editor Matt Burt was already in addition to soak up the atmosphere, in addition to interviews with executives in addition to we have lined up for the rest of the atmosphere in addition to bring you the news team, as well as, of course, a selection of the best pictures of the work. Stay tuned!



I’ve just put the last batch of images in our Goodwood Festival of speed above gallery, we bring our coverage of the festival day of the end. Thank you for joining us, in addition to be sure to check back tomorrow for all the latest.


Renault has given us a unique look at the Goodwood hillclimb, through the installation of the 1985 Renault 5 Maxi Turbo which has a 360-degree camera. Take a look at the video below, which works especially well if you’re watching on a mobile phone.


Festival of Speed ​​will be not the only picnic NSX’s at the end of This specific week, Honda – This specific’s also competing from the hillclimb Pikes Peak in Colorado – so what Honda will be planning to learn? Learn here.


willingness to be jealous of Matt Saunders, who had just driven up the hill Goodwood in Spur Bentley Flying the completely new . Read the blog on the experience of here .


We have updated just above gallery with more pictures of the Festival of Speed! Here are some of our favorites, yet check out the full range above.



sections Tisshaw speaking to leaders for a completely new Honda NSX, in addition to in particular, what you plan to learn both the Goodwood picnic from the auto, in addition to its expertise in This specific event Pikes peak hillclimb in Colorado at the end of This specific week. Read his blog here.


more stops Tisshaw for in stand Mazda today, where Mazda MX-5 RF will be to make his debut from the United Kingdom . Her Nobhurio Yamamoto, program manager says the design today allows the MX-5 buyers to “choose between red wine in addition to white wine.”



sections Tisshaw for more than Mazda’s stand, where they were to consider the success of the MX-5. “Mazda has today built 1million MX-5S, about 15% of them have arrived from the United Kingdom,” he says, “at Goodwood This specific year will be the concept MX-5 Spyder, the MX-5 Nobuhiro Yamamoto, program manager .22 veteran completely new Year to work on car, in addition to describes as an issue “dream” of the Roadster code. ”


in addition to made the red arrows to Goodwood! We are delighted to see them today, was introduced yesterday as planned as part of the transfer of the exhibition was canceled due to bad weather. If you see them passers-by, wave!


long-awaited project Pinnacle Bristol features a cover at the Festival of Speed ​​also break. This specific gives us a peek at what the completely new sports car Bristol may look at next year’s arrival. Read more about Pinnacle project here .


in addition to Jaguar F- Pace was the first to his run on top of the hill in an extraordinary way, in addition to the driver Terry Grant trick balanced This specific all the way up on two wheels. Made by a wonderful scene …

1245 Steve Kroble believed to be Bugatti Chiron in addition to attracts visitors less than a Bugatti in living memory, including those of old. Chapter next to him, while taking This specific away, in addition to say: “What will be very bad.” Kroble believed of which Chiron will be suffering via a lack of originality “.? I think we’ve seen all This specific before, yet the best thing would likely be for Louis Chiron great thinking”

1230 H Onda tells us of which This specific has made a few adjustments to the NSX since we traveled from the United States earlier This specific year. They all software adjustments, in addition to focuses mainly on the appearance of DCT in addition to power steering systems. today freeze the program, however, This specific should be on European customers get their cars from the fall.

1220 Honda NSX Ted Klaus coach will be at Goodwood for initially. yet unusual in hillclimbs – competing from the United States with his father, although he probably does not need to bring a completely new Wellington boots he bought This specific morning to those events


sections Tisshaw. The first two NSXs Honda has been delivered – for the same client. This specific bought US car collector in addition to race team owner Rick Hendrick chassis number one from the auction in addition to $ 1.2 M in addition to the museum’s collection of cars. yet he also bought the today second in command.

1200 sections Tisshaw been talking to Aston Martin for the completely new GT12. Automakers will not reveal the extent of the buyer to once GT12 car paid, yet the deal did not include the fact of which no one can assign one another, so This specific will remain one-Off.


Aston Martin One-offs before, yet buyers chose to keep This specific a secret. So GT12 hoping of which the auto will be not bad to work from the future. CC100 concept was going to be sold as a one-time, yet the two Aston actually from the end.

1100 says Steve Kroble there will be a great buzz surrounding ST200 Fiesta , which will be limited to 1000 examples from the United Kingdom. Ford because This specific uses rear suspension setup with Ray says This specific rigidity by 27%, giving the auto a more aggressive role from the response in addition to allow driving a little more linear.

1040 met Kroble completely new head of design of the Alfa Romeo, Scott Krugger, which as the name implies, will be an American. “I grew up in Pennsylvania, in addition to worked in a Dodge, This specific has never had a job outside of the United States before-in addition to unless you look under the skin of the thing – seems about as inappropriate for the best job from the alpha like any foreigner can be in addition to yet.. ..

“in addition to was the last work of working on SRT Viper, stunning proportions car, sculpted Centeng as a whole. This specific’s part of the Dodge family, which will be loved by Americans Alfa Romeo will be by Europeans (in addition to Americans) so he understands the emotional connection between people in addition to cars.

“completely new loves Julia , feel quite humble about his mission, This specific will be recognized of which work well with the engineers in addition to various other designers, in addition to will be committed to This specific to the extent of which his wife in addition to two young kids have moved to Turin immediately . the job offer via the blue – at a meeting of 10min with the Federal Customs Authority, the design team coach Ralph Gilles – in addition to Krugger realized “in a few seconds,” he wants This specific so This specific date unconventional may seem, yet This specific can also be full of exciting in addition to unexpected possibilities “.

1030 We reckon BMW sculpture because of This specific year will be one of the best ever Goodwood. Do not you agree?

1020 interesting observation by JLR sales manager Scott Dickens Goodwood brands such as “We have offered the homeland.” Scored 200K visitors last year, 85,000 visitors to the Goodwood Festival Geller stand in addition to “2500 truly strong leads.” “This specific’s expensive,” says Dickens, “yet This specific’s worth This specific.” Topless used, design of which focuses on the track the same 592bhp V12 engine via the regular GT12, yet today even more vulnerable passengers a silky tone. We will be here to make you work all day so stay tuned. With newcomers for initially dynamic to look forward to, there will be a lot of work to keep up. various other amendments include adding a limited slip differential in addition to a detailed tuned BILSTEIN suspension set. Audi has trimmed 113kg off empty for the R8 Spyder former weight, using a combination of aluminum in addition to carbon fiber to the stereo. Audi has ignored the high-engine diesel freight unit more frugal in addition to strong because of This specific last generation. S5 buyers will get a virtual cockpit driving Audi 12.3in option, as seen from the latest Trinidad in addition to Tobago in addition to A4. Prices will start via £ 43790. This specific includes ceramic in addition to carbon brake features, a software program to monitor the launch of a fixed rear spoiler in addition to large, as well as dual exhausts. will be set Prices start at around £ 20,000. Coupe uses a stripped edition will be destined for a higher straight six twin turbocharged engine of the M4 to produce 493bhp, in addition to a large 68 bhp up on a regular M4. which has a lot of design cues vector Turbo 2002, including the return of nose like a shark, honored in 2002 which has a detailed bodywork own. This specific will be very likely of which Chiron will be able to demonstrate the highest speed of 261mph, yet what will be certain will be of which the £ hypercar 1.9million will cause quite a scene. I drove RP1, in addition to loved This specific, so This specific will be today your chance to see the auto track 500bhp per tonne at work from the flesh. 5.0-liter Super V8 engine produces 567bhp in addition to sends This specific F- kind of inertia to 62mph in less than four seconds. This specific gets the same 5.0-liter V8 engine in addition to eight-speed automatic transmission, yet lighter 350kg. This specific has the same engine base MX-5, yet comes which has a wide range of add-ons in addition to outdoor design exclusive. in addition to many parts are shared between the two countries in addition to McLaren hopes they form the basis for success in sports races. The same engine of a car sitting from the road monocoque. 493bhp naturally aspirated engine sharing brother biased track, in addition to instead 911 R will be equipped which has a six-speed manual gearbox instead of the PDK. GT205 will be paid occupies the first place among a group of units of energy TCE 205 Renault, which produces more than 200bhp in addition to will be coupled to a seven-speed automatic double clutch. Will benefit the Sports Tourer also a four-wheel steering system of the French the to improve the agility in addition to maneuverability. For today, the Rasa will be the only Riversimple car makes, which will be producing its way up the hill at Goodwood This specific weekend.

Source: 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed – blog in addition to gallery

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