2016 Ford Focus RS review

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Fast, usable, temptingly priced in addition to huge fun to drive, the fresh Focus RS isn’t just the affordable driver’s car of the moment, of which’s also probably the best The fresh Ford Focus RS. in addition to at the risk of spoiling the next thousand or so words for you, of which’s about to be nothing short of a sensation for petrolheads the entire world over. nevertheless given how excited we’ve been by This specific car during the build-up to its launch in addition to how impressed we’ve been coming from the passenger seat, I’m not sure of which’ll actually spoil much of anything for anyone who’s been paying the slightest bit of attention to the motoring press over the past year. nevertheless there you go, our colours are nailed to the mast: of which’s brilliant – in addition to for several reasons.Being officially launched to the press in Spain This specific week before right-hand drive deliveries begin in April, the fresh RS combines upper-echelon hot hatchback power in addition to performance with superb handling in addition to driver engagement in addition to an outstanding value proposition. of which’s a combination of which the Blue Oval’s go-faster division, Ford Performance, formerly Team RS, consistently hits right on the bullseye, just as of which did with the current Fiesta in addition to Focus ST in addition to both the first in addition to second-generation Focus RS.On This specific occasion the balance has been struck which has a 345bhp 2.3-litre Ecoboost petrol engine in addition to a four-wheel drive system of which between them deliver sub-5-second 0-62mph sprinting. of which’s allied to a cracking hardcore suspension set-up of which brings first-order grip in addition to agility in addition to a £28,940 asking cost of which undercuts every one of the auto’s serious rivals – in addition to some by a wide margin.On top of which the fresh Focus RS adds something of which even its £40,000 rivals coming from Audi in addition to Mercedes-AMG fail to provide: throttle-adjustable handling freakishly similar to of which of a proper rear-driven sports car, courtesy of one of the most advanced asymmetrical ‘active’ four-wheel drive systems available on the market at any cost.
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Source: 2016 Ford Focus RS review

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