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2016 BMW M2 Few first drives in 2016 are as hotly anticipated as which of the BMW M2. right now the item’s time: we drive the item on road along with track to see if the item’s the best of its breed The BMW M2 is actually the indirect successor to the much admired although short-lived 1-Series M Coupé which ceased production after a limited run of just 6309 cars back in 2011.The M2 also happens to be one of the most eagerly awaited performance cars in years. So the item is actually with rather high expectations which we head to the Laguna Seca circuit along with surrounding roads in California to drive the brand new 365bhp coupé, whose impending introduction opens a whole brand new chapter for BMW’s M division.Unlike the earlier 1-series M Coupé, which acted as a forerunner to today’s line-up of BMW M Performance designs, the M2 is actually acknowledged as a fully fledged M-car.   When the item reaches UK showrooms in April, the muscular two-door will carry a cost tag of £44,070, positioning the the item £12,520 below the four-door M3, up until right now the most keenly priced of all BMW M designs.With This particular sort of pricing, the brand new junior M-car will inevitably be compared with the £39,995 Mercedes-AMG A45 4Matic along with £39,950 Audi RS3 Sportback.Unlike its highly rated four-wheel-drive hatchback rivals, though, the brand new BMW is actually rear-wheel drive, maintaining a rich tradition at BMW M which harks all the way back to the original M3 by 1986, a car the firm is actually quick to point out possesses close parallels to the M2.Given the decision to continue down the rear-wheel drive route, BMW M division boss Frank Van Meel expects to see stiff competition by the recently facelifted four-cylinder Porsche Cayman S, which starts at £48,783 within the UK.The starting point for the brand new junior M-car was the M235i, alongside which the M2 will be produced without the volume restrictions of the 1-series M Coupé at BMW’s Leipzig factory in Germany. Such are the extent of the modifications, though, which the item could be considered an all-brand new type in its own right.the item is actually clearly the smallest of all current BMW M division designs. which has a length of 4468mm, a width of 1854mm along with height of 1410mm, the M2 is actually 202mm shorter, 21mm narrower along with 10mm lower than the M3. the item also boasts a wheelbase which is actually 117mm shorter than which of its larger sibling at 2693mm .At the M2’s heart is actually a heavily modified type of BMW’s six-year-old N55 petrol engine which employs developments first used on the more powerful S55 unit used by the M3 along with M4.The two powerplants share the same cooling system, pistons, crankshaft bearings, elements of their exhaust system, Valvetronic variable valve control along with Double-Vanos variable camshaft control.Unlike the twin turbocharged S55 unit found within the M3, though, the reworked N55 engine relies on one particular turbocharger which uses a twin-scroll process to boost induction.  The result is actually a solid if not particularly spectacular 365bhp at 6500rpm, giving the  M2 60bhp less than the M3 although 30bhp more than the old 1-Series M Coupé. In combination which has a claimed kerb weight of 1495kg, some 40kg more than the M235i, This particular provides the brand new BMW which has a power-to-weight ratio of 244bhp per tonne.To put This particular in perspective, the 425bhp M3 boasts 277bhp per tonne, while the 335bhp 1-Series M Coupé served up 225bhp per tonne.The 343lb ft the engine develops between 1400 along with 5560rpm is actually 62lb ft less than which of the M3 along with 26lb ft lower than the 1-Series M Coupé. Still, an overboost function, which is actually activated during kickdown to liberate a full 2.1bar of boost pressure, temporarily raise the engine’s peak torque loading to 369lb ft between 1450 along with 4750rpm for 30sec bursts of full-throttle action.   The M2 comes with the choice of either a standard six-speed manual gearbox with an automatic throttle blip function for downshifts or an optional seven-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic gearbox offering the choice of both manual along with automatic modes, three distinct driving modes (Comfort, Sport along with Sport +), launch control along with even a so-called Smoky Burnout function, which allows the driver to indulge in wheelspin off the line. With the DCT gearbox, the kerb weight increases by 25kg to 1520kg.As on all existing BMW M division designs, an electronic limited slip M-differential offering a fully variable locking effect comes as standard.With the standard manual gearbox fitted, BMW says the M2 accelerates by 0-62mph in 4.5sec. A lower first gear ratio along with the effectiveness of the launch control feature of the DCT transmission shaves 0.2sec off This particular time, reducing the item to 4.3sec.The M2 rides on a largely bespoke chassis boasting tracks which are increased in width by 64mm at the front along with 71mm at the rear over the M235i, at 1579mm along with 1601mm respectively. They’re essentially the same tracks used by the M3 along with its two-door sibling, the M4.Additional bracing between the suspension towers helps to boost the high-strength steel bodyshell’s rigidity, along with M division has also dispensed with rear bushings, with the M2’s rear axle subframe bolted directly to the structure without any use of rubber to dampen road shock.In a bid to pare weight, some 10kg of sound deadening material has been taken out of the bodyshell. The suspension, featuring MacPherson struts up front along which has a all 5-link arrangement at the rear, also receives several brand new lightweight components, including forged aluminium control arms along with wheel carriers, which help to lower the unsprung weight by a claimed 3.0kg.The M2 rides on standard 9.0Jx19in front along with 10.0Jx19in rear wheels shod with 245/35 along with 265/35 profile tyres respectively. The wheels house standard 380mm front along with 370mm rear steel disc brakes, four-pot front along with two-pot rear calipers.
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Source: 2016 BMW M2 review

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